Old driver remind: glass pipes custom people must see, with glass pipes custom in the train in the a


  Glass pipes custom pass for train and plane safety inspection?Let's talk about glass pipes custom going through security.

  The plane items

  Glass pipes custom equipment should not be a major problem during aircraft safety inspections.Please check the mechanical rod directly and take out the battery.

  There is still a suggestion that if you get on the plane, you'd better take a box with you.

  There are several steps we should take before carrying glass pipes custom on board for safety checks, preferably at home.


  Twist the sprayer out of the box and pour out the oil!No matter how much oil it USES.(if you have oil in your atomizer, changes in the plane pressure can leak oil out of your atomizer, and your own mother doesn't even know it.

  The battery

  Pick out the batteries in the box, carry them with you, and put them in a separate battery box!Remember to buy a battery case!Remember to buy a battery case!

  If you need to print your own sticker, and if you don't have a printer with a black paint pen (which may fail) and (built-in battery, forget it), take a closer look at the battery to see that it has clear electrical information such as voltage, milliamperes (if you don't need to print your own sticker)

  (I hope the target of 40A will not be affected by replacing the mark capacity of the red battery of a big brand.)

  "Lithium batteries are limited on airplanes," he said.All lithium batteries (cell phones, computers, lithium batteries, etc.) add up to about 15,000 mah (I don't understand, this is probably the recommended safe number, no more than 15,000 mah, ")" no, no, no.")

glass pipes cheap

  The power battery is about 2500 ma-3000 mA(C 42100 mA), and the voltage is calculated according to the industry standard 3.7v.

  * officially marked as 100 watt-hours, accurate data can be obtained based on voltages and milliamps.My math is too low for my friend to calculate.

  ** by the way, during the lunar New Year period, the flow of people is too large, when you carry the charging treasure, pay attention to see whether your charging treasure has rated energy this value!If not, leave it at home.You'll be confiscated at the airport anyway.Don't ask me how I know.

  (this is the rated energy)


  The DIY class drew a dot and said something you could bring.

  Hot wire, twine, cotton

  Leave everything else at home.Don't carry it with you.Scissors can't go on the plane.Give it up.

  If you have tweezers, I don't know.Friends who are not afraid of big things can try it and let me know.

  Relax the heart with a finished friend and atomize the heart at will.

  Glass pipes custom oil

  If it's smoking oil, bring a bottle of the most stable!(30ml - 60ml, 100ml trouble won't follow, ok?It's hard to be this big.")

  Carry liquid upper limit is 100 milliliter, namely wash a face milk, protect a hand frost to wait, ah, should press this value computation.

  Also, look at other editors and say:

  According to the report, some airports have banned tobacco oil, but gradually, they often go to guiyang, kunming, chengdu, chongqing, guiyang, shenzhen, chongqing and shenzhen, there is no mandatory checked, according to the requirements of the airport, please prepare for these, you can be happy security checks, and a few small matters needing attention when the security check.

  The box and the portable battery, the laptop, are all publicly pieced together.If asked, they said a glass pipes custom box.

  Just put the battery and the box in the battery box. If the security guard asks, please answer truthfully.

  Just put the sprayer anywhere.

  The train things

  Take it!Take away as much glass pipes custom as possible!Enough is enough!

  But it's better to send it by express mail or buy it at home.

  For example, in special period, scissors, tweezers become cone, the chance of confiscation is high!


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