Wake up oil don't understand, you still play what glass pipes and bongs?


  We all know that wine needs to be decanted, but did you know that glass pipes and bongs oil also needs to be decanted?

  Like the elegance of a glass of aged wine, the waked glass pipes and bongs oil will give you a different feeling of fragrance in your lips.

  What is waking oil?Is it important?

  Awakening oil is an important part of the production process for glass pipes and bongs oil manufacturers, and a headache for self-blending oil lovers.

  Many self-mixing enthusiasts have experienced that a recipe oil tastes good before it wakes up and then is completely unable to pump after it wakes up.

  Or conversely, before waking up the oil tastes normal and the throat feels bad, but after waking up the oil changes its appearance.

  This phenomenon is very common, it can be seen that awakening oil in the production of refined oil, is playing a very important role, and even determines the success or failure of a glass pipes and bongs oil.

  Each factory has its own unique method to wake up oil, especially the imported oil, before a refined oil factory, it needs to go through a long and complex process to wake up oil.

  It is said that the imported oil tastes better than the domestic oil, in a sense, in addition to the raw material base liquid is better than the domestic oil, the professional oil awakening process also plays a very important role, because the awakening oil for the glass pipes and bongs oil alcoholization is very necessary.

  What is the alcoholization of glass pipes and bongs oil?

  Glass pipes and bongs oil alcoholize (manufacturer called ripening), similar to the wine mellowing process, everyone know the famous brand of wine in the factory before filling sealing should be stored in cellar for many years, is filling in the oak barrel, oak's role is to provide the extremely tiny amounts of internal and external exchange of oxygen, air is not completely isolated.

glass pipes spoon

  It is understood that the big brands of glass pipes and bongs oil factory filling and labeling before, generally need to go through four months of storage, during which the temperature and humidity must be strictly recorded, of course, the oil of other process manufacturers are also confidential.

  The 4-month storage ensures the alcoholization of glass pipes and bongs oil and filters out the mixed taste that affects the taste. All kinds of organic and inorganic components in glass pipes and bongs oil are fully integrated with each other under the action of trace oxygen elements to produce various alcohols, which is the source of taste.

  But in fact, even the big brands, in the face of such a large consumer market in China, also can't do every batch after 4 months in the wake of oil, this needs to remind players want to wake up the oil, because it is too late to supply, it is also a part of the batch of glass pipes and bongs minority taste will be slightly different batches before and oil.

  What kind of glass pipes and bongs oil needs to be refreshed?

  Generally, Chinese glass pipes and bongs oil companies generally use professional heating equipment and vibration equipment to wake up the oil, a few days or a week before the factory to quickly wake up the oil, then wholesale to dealers, and then storage.

  This way of oil recovery, if not strictly controlled, there will be a certain risk, if the temperature is not properly controlled, it is likely to scrap a batch of oil.

  A lot of new brands, manufacturers are eager to launch the market to recover funds, to the hands of consumers, is really we need to wake up oil.

  But that's not to say that all glass pipes and bongs oils, especially new ones, can't be pumped without waking up or storing them.

  Awakening oil is a personal preference and choice, not a necessary step in the use of glass pipes and bongs oil, because depending on personal taste, some people like the fresh taste before awakening oil, while others like the taste after awakening oil.

  The necessity and duration of oil awakening are also different in different states of glass pipes and bongs oil or glass pipes and bongs oil.

  For example, glass pipes and bongs oil is newly produced, and it usually takes 2 to 8 weeks to wake up the oil, so the taste will be stronger.

  If glass pipes and bongs have been in production for a long time, the oil may not have any effect.

  For example, some glass pipes and bongs oil needs to wake up to release its flavor, and the effect of waking up will be obvious.Some flavors do not require oil awakening, and the taste does not change with oil awakening.

  Generally speaking, the fruity oil, wake oil before and after the taste difference is small.The oil of tobacco line, baking line, milk line, wake oil before and after big difference.

  How do you wake up as a player?

  If you want to make your glass pipes and bongs more thick and strong, there are a few things to note:

  Awakening oil is generally 2-8 weeks, the stronger the taste of glass pipes and bongs oil takes longer time, on the contrary, the weaker the glass pipes and bongs oil time is shorter.

  Wake up the oil method can be more like drinking red wine, squeeze out the air and then breathe in the fresh air, shake, and so on.

  Place glass pipes and bongs in the shade.

  Methods such as water bath heating or ultrasound can also speed up the oil awakening process.

  Pay attention to the above matters, and then through repeated attempts, you can find a suitable way to wake up the oil


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