What is the "jumping resistance" of glass pipes and bongs mist sprayer?Causes and solutions of jump


  "The main opportunity for glass pipes and bongs is that in the same sprayer, the same core, the resistance on the same temperature controlled glass pipes and bongs is sometimes different, sometimes higher and sometimes lower, I don't know why.""Jump resistance" is a change in the value of resistance, usually used to describe the value of the spray resistance fluctuations, this is what we commonly referred to as the electronic fumigation core of the "jump resistance" phenomenon.So why do glass pipes and bongs appear to jump?

  Generally speaking, the "jump resistance" is related to glass pipes and bongs core, sprayer and glass pipes and bongs host.

glass pipes hand blown

  Generally, the "jump resistance" of DIY electronic atomization core is usually due to the irregular winding of the heating wire rather than the burn through, the local direct connection will cause the resistance value changes.Of course, some glass pipes and bongs are special, and the resistance of the wire itself varies with the temperature, such as the "nickel" component of the wire.The same is true for the other "316 L" material hot wire, but although the resistance value of the glass pipes and bongs heating wire will change, it will not have much impact on the use and can be used normally.

  Second, the installation of the heating wire and electrode column of the atomizer is not good, which is loose, or the nozzle or the threaded interface has metal chip, 510 thread electrode interface is not tight, will also affect the reverse resistance of the glass pipes and bongs atomizer core.

  In addition, the resistance value detected by the temperature-controlled glass pipes and bongs chip is only an approximate value, not very accurate, when the glass pipes and bongs main computer chip used at the same time, the resistance value of the detection method will be different.

  Therefore, the resistance value of glass pipes and bongs has the phenomenon of "jumping resistance", which has a certain influence on the smoke taste and smoke volume strictly speaking.As the resistance is the basis, it determines the voltage and current of the glass pipes and bongs host under the same power.However, for the average gamer, the slight resistance to jumping on the taste and number of glass pipes and bongs can be ignored and will not affect the experience of glass pipes and bongs.


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