A relatively complete classification of Glass pipes oils


  Glass pipes oil, also known as Glass pipes liquid.It is an electronic atomizer used with Glass pipes and heated by a Glass pipes atomizer to produce the same fog as a cigarette.It usually takes 0.5 to 1 milliliter at a time.Using a pointed flask, shake the soot oil into the atomizer.When using, pay attention to the amount of smoke oil in the atomizer, too little smoke oil will cause the atomizer damage and mushy taste.

  In the process of purchasing Glass pipes oil, you will find that new and old customers will ask for a menu of cooking oil every time they place an order.According to the survey, 95% of the players could not fully tell all the classification of Glass pipes oil, the most appeared on the market is fruit, cream, tobacco, milk, today's tobacco oil classification is relatively complete, for your reference.

  Glass pipes oils come in a variety of flavors and can be roughly divided into seven categories, including classified fruits, health care, tobacco, beverages, milk, food, and herbs.

  1. Fruit smoke oil

  This smoky oil is the most common and the first choice of any player to join a club.

  About 99% of fruit flavors are acceptable if the ingredients are perfectly safe. Choose food-grade flavors such as TFA, Fa, FW, Cap, HelloCig, and others, which similarly produce high levels of fruit smoke without giving you a strong chemical taste (to avoid the so-called "very aromatic" phenomenon).Of course, if some people don't like to eat some fruits, such as apples and durian, try to avoid these flavors when choosing to buy.

glass pipes org bearclaw

  2. Health smoke oil

  It is not a modest statement to say that the health care oils owned by editors are absolutely rare on the market, such as breath fresheners, mouth fresheners, tasteless, cannabis, health care 1, health care 2, vitamins, etc.

  Many players ask: does this work?

  Try it. What's the big deal?

  3. Tobacco smoke oil

  Many players ask me, does tobacco smell like real smoke?Not really.To achieve a true smoke, almost impossible, cigarettes are burning to eat, Glass pipes smoke is steam, of course, you want to add some tar in the smoke oil, looking for a true smoke, the best direct smoke cigarettes.You know that.

  4. Drink

  Tea tobacco oil also falls into this category.

  40 different tastes: Pepsi cola, red bull, coffee, cola, chocolate, green tea, black tea, green arrow, pepper, cappuccino, caramel, caramel, coconut milk, Cream, chocolate and mint chocolate, milk tea, green beans, oats, butter, fruit wine, red wine, champagne, lamb, French brandy, whisky, brandy, bitter almond, Beer, blackcurrant, the kremlin, honey lamb, mercifully sugar, Beer, Cream candy, cheese cake, vanilla bourbon whiskey, rum, jelly, ice Cream, ice Cream, nestle, antigua.

  Recommended flavors: tieguanyin, (ice) red bull, (ice) black tea, green tea, red wine, milk tea.

  5. Milk smoky oil

  If you have a sweet tooth, milk cigarettes will be your food of choice, with the right amount of sweetener, mellow and rich taste.

  Recommended flavors: breast milk, absolute restraint, vanilla cream, banana dessert

  6. Use tobacco oil

  It basically resembles the taste of milk and belongs to the sweetness of tobacco oil.Ace chess player, twilight memory, mint chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, thousands of miles on your own, angry beach, oreo cookies, strawberry pineapple cake, cosmic fog, abandoned cars, lemon candy, pineapple cake.

  Recommendation: ace chess player, oreo cookies

  7. Herbs

  Don't be surprised to see ginger and mustard players, the existence is reasonable, some people like some people tired.

  Some time ago, in an open house forum, I randomly sent 2 bottles of ginger and fennel to the winners. I didn't receive feedback from the big guy forum. I must have thrown it away.My heart breaks my oil.

  19: vanilla, mint, peppermint, jasmine, rose, rosemary, orchid, osmanthus, clove, ginger, ginseng, medlar, lavender, licorice, chamomile, mustard, cocoa, angelica, fennel

  Here are seven Glass pipes oils.How many do you remember?Just look at the general classification, because steam companies around the world are still rolling out new products, the sketch is just the tip of the iceberg, the search for food has been trying, suggesting more 5ml of clothing to use, which is cheap and can be smoked in different flavors.


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