glass bongs adornment material ought to adjust measures to local conditions

 According to the report, different shapes should choose different glass bong, the thickness of the glass also has certain requirements, and some shapes also need to handle the glass accordingly.

  Large areas of ceiling use should be addressed

  The glass ceiling is mainly used for the aisle ceiling.Don't use large areas of glass on the ceiling, and even if you do use it, you should use metal, wood, or plaster to divide the glass ceiling into squares.

  Painted glass and sandblasted glass are good materials for ceilings.The use of glass material on the ceiling is also very important, because the glass itself is very important, for safety reasons, the thickness of the ceiling glass is generally controlled in 5 to 8 mm.

  Bathroom ceiling can besmear glass pipes, do not fade, rise to the effect of the mirror, enhance adornment effect.

  When using vitreous ceiling in the sitting room, the width of vitreous should be as small as possible, because the ability that vitreous resists bend is poor, break easily.Glass gives a person a kind of uneasy feeling, do not use too much glass in the sitting room like the ceiling, destroy the atmosphere of the home easily, the effect is not ideal.
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  Better to use toughened glass partition

  Out of safety consideration, toughened glass should be used as far as possible, because the hardness of toughened glass is 5 times that of ordinary glass, flexural property is also 3 times that of ordinary glass.

  The requirement of sound insulation and sound insulation between balcony and sitting room, oil rigs had better use double layer glass so, also can fill in a few hay, glass bead to wait for adornment in double layer glass seam, already transparent adornment effect, have the bathroom to use ground glass or craft glass partition to also can have very good adornment effect.

  In addition, glass brick also is the good material of partition of kitchen and bathroom.Because glass blocks are opaque and hard, they are ideal for kitchens and hygiene.Vitreous brick divides two kinds of main color and color, among a few designs still have coloured drawing or brunet flower, domestic adornment effect is very good.However, glass brick partitions cost twice as much as normal partitions.

  The prompt should be set on the screen glass

  In foyer, you can consider using glass screen, it is transparent not only, and have certain artistic effect.Depending on the style, some people add a frame, so if you're using an entire piece of glass without a frame, it's best to draw a pattern on it, or hang a map as a reminder, to prevent the family from accidentally bumping into the glass bongs.

  Install the background wall first.

  According to specific style requirement, can use baking lacquer or craft glass.However, it must be firmly installed, with the adhesive method, both strong and beautiful.

  The door core is selected according to the size of the door core.

  If you use glass as a door, it is best to choose ordinary tempered glass or art glass, the thickness should be greater than 8 mm.

  Some of the glass in the center of the wooden door should be purchased or customized by the owner himself.At this point, the glass needs to be processed according to the size of the door core.Generally speaking, the thickness of door glass bongs is between 5mm and 8mm.If the door core area is large, can choose laminated glass, small area door core is not too high.If light steel or ground glass is used, the door should be lined with thin wood to prevent damage from impact.

  Anti-skid measures on the ground are very important

  Toughened glass or laminated glass above 15 mm should be selected.This kind of glass is strong and durable, not easy to break.

  The platform can be selected from colored glass or brown glass.Stained glass platform fashion, tea glass platform slightly introverted and implicit, can meet the needs of different groups and decorative style.

  However, the use of glass pipes on the ground is very bright, can create the sense of a very avant-garde, but might be too smooth, not very safe, so the glass platform can create a good visual effect, it is easy to slip, and Angle is not easy to handle, so don't recommend use glass production floor or platform, even using, had better do some antiskid processing.

  Pay attention to the quality of glass

  The naked eye cannot distinguish the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass, but tempered glass generally has 3C certification mark;The quality of the glass can be checked simply by the transmittance of the glass. If the glass shakes in front of the glass, there are no impurities.The quality problem can also be explained by observing the smoothness of the glass.Next, look at pictures of stained glass and explain the process if the paint spills.Home decorates glass concern to safety, the proposal consumer buys to common building materials shop.


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