High performance of vacuum glass pipes tube

   Collectors for vacuum glass tubes and CPC reflectors have been successfully developed by several companies.The vacuum glass tube collector produced by WATTSpa in Poland is a double-layer glass tube structure with a vacuum between the outer tube and the inner tube, which is processed into a collector with selective absorption film.In order to keep the vacuum, water pipes and metal free of thermal sand defects, there is no need to worry about the effect of thermal stress on vacuum damage, which is similar to the vacuum glass tube produced in China.Standard price, 9 collector tube set version, collector zone 1.The 85-square-metre unit costs €690, and the 15 panels cost €1,125.


  The use of large-caliber glass equipment already has Austria's GREENoneTEC (general agent Sabio in Japan) and Britain's Themomax (east-west business in Japan), but new Austria Strebel is now famous, and then bought philips technology in the Netherlands, a factory that produces Lux, but the company closed down a few years ago.Strehe's collector is a 100mm diameter glass tube.In the internal installation of selective absorption film thin plate vacuum tube collector plate, the collector is the heat pipe.Standard price: 12 glass tube panel, effective heat collector 2.Euro 1600 for 25m2 and euro 2200 for 300m2 for 16 groups.

  The vacuum leakage of the vacuum glass bongs tube collector is a problem. The main reason for the vacuum damage is the weak mechanical strength of the melted parts of the glass and metal (superheat hardness metal alloy).The solution is to consider double-glazed tubes without the use of superheat hardness metal alloys.At present, China is represented by the vacuum glass tube collector, whose output is the first in the world.Since the diameter of the outer glass tube is 50 mm or 60 mm thin glass tube, heat loss is not suitable for heat collection at high temperature.

  The glass tube collector from runge solar technologies is a two-layer vacuum structure with an outer diameter of 100 mm glass tubes.The contact part between the glass tube and the collecting tube is a screw connection.The connection between the glass tube and the collector tube is to squeeze the  oil rigs tube, install screws at the root of the collection tube, and clamp the negative thread of the collection tube into the structure.The heat collecting part of the thin plate vacuum tube structure is open to the atmosphere.Due to the thermal expansion of the heat collecting part, it is necessary to find a method that does not increase the transfer of the heat collecting tube.Price: 6 glass tubes, effective heat collecting area 1.The equipment of this 05m2 is 1079 euros.Collector retailers charge 55 per cent.


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