Research: glass pipes do not increase the risk of infection or severity. They do increase lung damag

   On April 9, according to yahoo's financial report, the Canadian glass bongs association was disturbed by a number of erroneous reports linking e-cigarettes to the vulnerability and complexity of novel coronavirus (COVID 19).In fact, the e-cigarette industry is no stranger to misinformation, misleading reporting and personal bias.At such an unprecedented time, it is totally unacceptable for anyone to make such groundless statements, which can only exacerbate the fears and anxieties of an already difficult period in Canadian history.Not surprisingly, even during the outbreak, some individuals and the media chose to deny and ignore the facts, but tended to personal bias and further vilify e-cigarettes.

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  One reason glass pipes and bongs users are more susceptible to COVID 19 is that lung damage or irritation makes people more likely to develop more severe symptoms.While some e-cigarette users do have lung irritation, it is important to remember that this is because most e-cigarette users used to be smokers.Smoking can do incredible damage to the lungs, and recovery doesn't happen overnight.Clinical studies have shown that despite nebulized smoking as a means of reducing injury, improved smokers' lungs continue to recover.The clear conclusion, therefore, is that e-cigarettes themselves do not put people at risk for further severe COVID 19 symptoms, but rather residual lung damage from smoking.

  Professor StantonGlantz played a leading role in the misinformation campaign that linked covid-19 to evaporation.Mr Granz has long been prejudiced against the glass pipes cheap industry."This is not the first time that grant has shown a clear bias by spreading false information," he said.In fact, the journal of the American heart association was forced to retract a paper in which he claimed that aerosols caused heart disease, based on a study that turned out to be wrong, and which Glenz was involved in.In addition, at a conference in Ottawa, Glenz said his research shows that for every adult, 80 children who quit using e-cigarettes start smoking.These are the types of statements that need to be dealt with based on facts rather than personal biases or agendas.Based on the number of adult smokers in Canada who have used e-cigarettes to quit, his statement will show that there are about 13 million young smokers in Canada, compared with more than 4 million in Canada.

  While grants and others say the link between evaporation and COVID 19 has been accepted and disseminated by various media, graz himself says: "there is not enough research or evidence to support a link with COVID 19.Unfortunately, media reports rarely acknowledge that there is no evidence to support this link.

  The scientific community has long held that there is no evidence to support a link between e-cigarettes and COVID 19."Granz believes that atomization may now be associated with COVID 19 disease, which is completely irresponsible and puts public health at great risk," said Daryl Tamperst, executive director of Canada.

  The e-cigarette industry stands with all canadians to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to protect public health, while finding ways to provide hazard reduction products to 1.1 million Canadian users.

  Studies show that only 3 to 10 percent of smokers can successfully smoke without the use of ass-aids."The BritishMedicalJournal concluded that aerosolisation had proved twice as effective as quitting smoking.The idea that e-cigarette users and smokers should stop smoking immediately to protect themselves from viral infections is absurd.This is not an addiction principle at all.

  Statistics show that individuals have a very low success rate in quitting smoking, especially before the introduction of nicotine e-cigarette products.In incredibly stressful times, without nicotine glass pipes cheap, it is difficult for individuals to successfully quit smoking or stay away from flammable tobacco.

  Both health Canada and the royal college of physicians say smokers who switch to e-cigarettes will see their health improve immediately and their risk of lung disease significantly lower in the future compared to those who continue to smoke.Linking e-cigarettes to covid-19 to encourage users to stop using e-cigarettes, baseless claims that, despite their dependence on nicotine, will inevitably push e-cigarette users back to flammable tobacco.


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