What are Glass pipes for cigarettes?


  What are Glass pipes for cigarettes?Many netizens questioned this and thought about it carefully.Netizens asked about iQOS's Glass pipes.The Glass pipes are what we call heating rather than burning the Glass pipes.

  What are Glass pipes for cigarettes?

  Heat without burning Glass pipes, also known as heating without barbecue tobacco.

  Heating non-combustible smoke "is a new kind of tobacco products, with a" heating tobacco or tobacco extract instead of burning tobacco ", the characteristics of heating device is required when smoking and "cigarette bomb", it through the appliance of special heat source heating "cigarette bomb" of tobacco, and volatile nicotine in tobacco and aroma substances, produce flue gas to meet the needs of the smokers.

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  As the name suggests, "cryogenic cigarettes" are designed with the concept of "heating without burning", in which the cigarettes (special cigarettes) are heated to a certain temperature (the average smoking temperature is about 300), which is enough to give the tobacco a taste.The temperature is significantly lower than that of traditional fumigation at 700°, so "heating non-combustion" is often referred to as "low temperature non-combustion".Unlike regular cigarettes, special cigarettes that are heated to about 300 degrees when burned do not produce as many harmful substances.Compared with heating, smoking produces 90 percent less harmful substances than traditional cigarettes, but the smoking experience is similar to that of traditional cigarettes.

  The world famous non-flammable Glass pipes are mainly iQOS, British American tobacco iFuse and south Korean Glo and KT&G Lil, which are currently hotter than iQOS.There are also dozens of domestic brands.Export products include sichuan China tobacco wide narrow kung fu, yunnan China tobacco MC (network tobacco), guangdong China tobacco MU +, ING and many new brands.

  Note: American iQOS, south Korean Lil, Chinese kung fu (wide and narrow Glass pipes in Chinese tobacco) and some unknown brands of heated cigarettes are known as Glass pipes!Smoke bomb brands are mainly iQOS with Partemen, HEETS, Marlboro, Lil and FIIT, wide and narrow bullets, the latter two hot smoke brands -- any brand of smoke bomb is very common!

  What are Glass pipes for cigarettes?From the above point of view, your problem is that heating doesn't burn Glass pipes, which is heated tobacco, so it has a real smoke taste, but tobacco is controlled by the state, so it's hard to buy Glass pipes in China.


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