How much is a box of glass pink bong?


  How much is a box of glass pink bong? Glass pink bong is becoming more and more popular, but the current glass pink bong market is not standardized, so the price is very different, very cheap and expensive, followed by the introduction of the standard price of glass pink bong.

  How much is a box of glass pink bong?

  How much is a box of glass pink bong?

  Glass pink bong is divided into power supply equipment, main engine pressure regulating box atomizing equipment, smoke battery, charger, smoke oil, other consumables, smoke oil and atomizing core. There are about 350 sets of general entry-level equipment with high performance-price ratio.

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  How much money you have depends on what you want. Are you mainly quitting smoking or playing glasspink? All right, it's over 300.

  According to the purpose of purchase, if you want to quit smoking or change the new words of real smoking, 510 or the mini glass bong of self series can be about 130. If you want to dazzle and buy foreign high-end brands, one set should be at least 300.

  The mini glassbone is mainly composed of smoke stick, mini glass bone fog sprayer, two parts and consumables of mini glassbone oil.

  Well, the price of mini glass bong mainly consists of these three parts. This part of the price includes a variety of glass pink bong batteries, with different capacity batteries, different battery types and different battery materials. At present, there are more ordinary batteries and lithium batteries on the market. The overall price is around 80 to 100 yuan.

  At present, the more popular Diamond Glass Bond Fog Atomizer in the market sells for about 150 yuan. The Italian Diamond Glass Bond Oil LIQUA is also very good. The 10 ml of tobacco oil is about 20 yuan, so the price of a mid-range Diamond Glass Bond is about 280 yuan.

  How much is a diamond glass bone box? Diamond glass bong has different prices according to different products, ranging from tens of dollars cheaper to hundreds of dollars more expensive to thousands of dollars more expensive. Generally speaking, the price of the flexible diamond glass bong that can be exchanged in the market is 299 dollars, and we can follow the standard.


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