What are the benefits of smoking glass pipes and bongs?


  In just a few years, glass pipes and bongs have developed rapidly and won the support of a large number of smokers. You will find many friends smoking glass pipes and bongs around you. glass pipes and bongs merchants have launched glass pipes and bongs products one after another. It is understood that glass pipes and bongs have certain benefits, so they were soon recognized by smokers. What are the benefits of smoking glass pipes and bongs? Let's have a look.

  What are the benefits of smoking glass pipes and bongs?

  What are the benefits of smoking glass pipes and bongs?

  1. healthier than cigarettes

swiss honeycomb bong by purr glass

  Electronic cigarettes do not or rarely produce carcinogens and harmful substances, such as tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, ammonia and radioactive compounds, which also reduce the chance of lung exposure to these substances. Of course, smallglassbone is not completely harmless. After all, some glass pipes and bongs oils also contain nicotine. According to a report by the World Health Organization in 2015, the concentration of "second hand smoke" in the air of small glass bong is very low and is basically harmless to others. It will not affect others

  2. Does not affect others

  Small glass bong hardly produces second-hand smoke, produces a relatively small amount of fog, and does not make people feel bad. Compared with real second-hand smoke, its impact on people around it is almost negligible.

  3. No peculiar smell

  Glass pipes and bongs do not produce odors and do not leave unpleasant odors on the mouth and clothes. Smoking traditional cigarettes, clothes and mouth are all tastes.

  4. There are many application scenarios.

  It will not produce open flames or burn! You can wander around non-smoking places such as restaurants and office areas, but you can't stop, supercilious look and nausea. With the implementation of the smoking ban in Beijing, it is almost impossible to smoke in public places. However, if you have a glass pipes and bongs in your hand, you don't have to worry so much. You can have one at any time.

  What are the benefits of smoking glass bong bowls? In general, there are many carols about the benefits of glassbongbows. Glass bong bowls can help you quit smoking. Of course there is no real cigarette to smoke, because you are addicted to smoking. But if you want to quit smoking, glass bong bowls can really help. You can give up smoking slowly with glass bong bowls. Although most of the advantages of glass bong bowls are good, there are also disadvantages, so you can't be greedy.


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