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      Customers of citic jingwei found on an e-commerce platform that the products with the highest sales volume of e-cigarettes included disposable products, straight bars and boxes, with prices ranging from more than 10 yuan to more than 300 yuan, with some glass bongs of the highest monthly sales reaching more than 100,000 yuan.

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  Some companies promote their products under the banner of "smoking cessation and abstinence" and "health without harm".In addition, "tar", "no carbon monoxide", "no secondhand smoke", "95% more harmful than real smoke "are all selling points.

  Do e-cigarettes really have this "magic"?Not so.

  Research at home and abroad has found that the aerosols produced by e-cigarettes contain many toxic and harmful substances, and the various additives in e-cigarettes also pose health risks, said MAO qunnan, director of the planning department of the national health commission, at a news conference on July 22 for the tobacco control campaign under the China action for health.In addition, the nicotine concentration in many e-cigarette products is indistinctly identified, which can easily lead to excessive nicotine consumption.At the same time, there are also potential safety hazards such as battery explosion, smoke penetration, and high temperature scald.

  Some e-cigarette products claim to be "low tar" and, along with herbal medicines, they claim to reduce the harm of tobacco."At present, there is no evidence that these measures can actually reduce the harm of tobacco," MAO stressed.

  It is worth mentioning that this year's CCTV "315 party" also called the  bio water pipes industry chaos, pointed out that e-cigarettes can release harmful substances, harm the health of smokers and passive smokers, long-term consumption of e-cigarettes will also produce nicotine dependence;Some tobacco nicotine concentration mark is not standard, easy to mislead consumers and so on.

  However, a customer inquiry by zhongxin jingwei found that in most e-cigarette products sold on online platforms, almost all of them were not clearly marked with the words "harmful to health" and "correct use".

  Meridian customers in China and Singapore randomly asked a store that sells e-cigarettes. When asked if the product contained nicotine, the store said it contained "trace amounts of nicotine."Later, the businessman added, "nicotine in small amounts is not harmful to the body.Like some vegetables and fruits, tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms contain nicotine."The real problem is tar.

  Clients of citic jingwei noticed reports on the Internet that "many eggplant contain nicotine, such as eggplant, pepper, potatoes and goji berries."However, li guangping, a second-level public nutritionist in China, denied online reports that he had exaggerated the dangers of nicotine.Take tomatoes for example, eating dozens of kilograms of nicotine at a time will harm the human body and raw tomatoes.

  MAO qunnan told a news conference that the main way to obtain e-cigarettes is to buy roor glass pipes them online.Using e-cigarettes could easily tempt teenagers to try traditional cigarettes and speed up the smokers' revival, according to some international studies.Therefore, the regulation of e-cigarettes must be strictly strengthened.

  He also revealed that the national health commission is working with relevant departments to study the regulation of e-cigarettes and plans to regulate e-cigarettes through legislation.

  At present, the domestic e-cigarette market is still in the stage of rapid development and supervision.The industry believes that with the introduction of e-cigarette related regulations, e-cigarette barriers to entry will greatly increase.Manufacturers with outstanding research and development capabilities and obvious channel advantages are expected to gain more market share, and e-cigarettes are expected to become the focus.At the same time, in a strictly regulated environment, it will also force e-cigarette related enterprises to embark on a path of sound development.


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