The reason why the popularity of knowledge affects the size of Glass pipes

  In addition to quitting smoking, those who play Glass pipes really play like toys.What Glass pipes do you play?Play smoke!Smoking size has always been an important indicator for evaluating Glass pipes.It offers us a better choice than smoking.

  In fact, smokers are addicted to the pleasure of smoking at all times except nicotine.Glass pipes produces cigarette-like smoke, and the oil offers a variety of flavors that are far safer than real cigarettes.

  You can find an oil that best suits your taste and the size of the smoke you like.What does the size of the smoke have to do with it?

  There are many factors affecting the smoke size of Glass pipes, not only the smoke oil problem, but also people will find a variety of answers, here, we will make the following summary.

  First, the percentage of PG/VG in smoke (note: PG refers to glycerol, and glycerol refers to VG).Smoke oil is indeed an important factor  affecting the size of smoke, high VG smoke will naturally be large.

  Then, the sprayer.We don't have to talk about it.Everybody knows that.There are a lot of small partners who are using their own core sprayers, and to get better results, different sprayers will naturally be different.

  Second, there is power, voltage and resistance.Ohm is a unit of resistance. The greater the power, the less the resistance vaporizes.Don't blindly pursue high-power Glass pipes.In the case of different resistors, the difference in output power is quite striking.Don't go for resistors that are too small, because they can suck up oil faster than they can drain it.

glass pipes hand blown

  Of course, if you go after smoke, the smaller the resistance, the better, the smaller the resistance, the greater the voltage, the faster the atomizer vaporizes, the greater the smoke.

  However, if the oil absorption rate of the oil guide material cannot keep up with the rate of gasification, the oil guide material will scorch.

  The smaller the resistance, the higher the power, the faster the atomization solution, of course, the resistance should be based on the Glass pipes composed of materials to choose the best.

  Smoke size and heating wire, oil guide cotton, smoke oil composition and many other aspects.

  "(3.2*3.2) /2.5=4.096 watts

  (3.7) / 2.5 = 5.47 6 watts

  "(5.0*5.0) /2.5=10 watts

  (3.7) / 1.5 = 9.12 7 watts

  Resistance smoke, such as the same number of cycles to see the thickness of the resistance line, the thick resistance is small, the same resistance thickness to see the number of cycles, the number of small resistance.

  In addition, it is also related to the diameter, the small diameter of the resistance is small, that is to say, if you want to pursue the smoke, use 4 resistance wire, double hair.To be on the safe side, 6 laps straight through 2 laps is basically ok.Too few laps to be dangerous.

  The amount of smoke is generally a relatively small amount of resistance, less than 2.0, depending on the size of the wire you're heating, and then the diameter of the wire around it, how many circles there are, and the soot.

  The last thing I want to say is batteries.Batteries are a key factor.If the resistance line is small, the current flowing through it will be large, that is, when the sprayer is working, the power will be high.

  In the pursuit of smoke, the smaller the resistance of the sprayer, the better.However, you also need to match the atomizer core with the battery.

  Suggested partners:

  Atomization resistance 0.2≤0.5 EU

  Atomized core, double core or above vertical structure of organic cotton oil guide rail

  The battery output power is greater than 50W

  Different Glass pipes equipment is different, here refers to the column of smoke, atomizer, etc.Different devices use different connectors and resistors.In short, if they are willing to do so, try to be authentic, and still have a reason to be expensive.


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