What tools do you need to make glass pipes for sale?


  Play glass pipes for sale there are a lot of strange way, different people have different tastes and flavors, and a lot of people think glass pipes for sale to buy back, it is true that most people are trying to relaxed experience glass pipes for sale, and glass pipes for sale manufacturer of r&d and production speed is very fast, in the past, many need to DIY the functions are now written into the system, can be used directly."But there are also plenty of glass pipes for sale players who are still not satisfied with the taste and performance they already have, or who are naturally trendy people who want to play.

  I don't know if you often see other players DIY glass pipes for sale fog atomizer size, taste good, than their own completed atomizer feel very complex, today I give you science DIY glass pipes for sale fog atomizer need tools.

  1. hot wire

  If you want DIY glass pipes for sale, the key is heating wire. There are many kinds of hot wire. What kind of glass pipes for sale is good?In fact, this is not a general statement that glass pipes for sale heating wire is good, but according to their own needs to choose.So we need to know what we want, whether you want good taste or smoky taste.The other is to consider the power and size of the sprayer so you can decide how to wrap the wire.

  2. cotton

  Hot silk is the first important thing, but cotton is also important.Heating wire is the carrier of glass pipes for sale oil in atomizer.Cotton absorbs the smoke oil in the fiber by heating the silk and evaporates the smoke oil into smoke.It is an indispensable and important project  in DIY glass pipes for sale.

glass pipes org bearclaw

  Glass pipes for sale cotton is a new material that subverts the traditional oil-conducting cotton.Glass pipes for sale cotton is different from the cotton we usually use.Due to the material and fiber composition of glass pipes for sale cotton, glass pipes for sale cotton is a natural match for all oil drop atomizers.

  The heating speed of the cotton is very fast, the ultra-low resistance is also very suitable for the use of mechanical rods, and the taste has inherited the characteristics of the drum, which can greatly improve the main flavor of the smoky oil.However, after a week of use, the properties of the heated wire remained unchanged (without quenching and cleaning treatment).As described in the "manual", glass pipes for sale cotton is still a complete commodity, so please do not compare glass pipes for sale cotton with those extremely complex handmade silks, because it is more affordable.

  3. wire rod

  Of course, this thing can also be made with a screwdriver.It's just easier to use wire, and it's great for new hands.At present, there are many kinds of hot silk in glass pipes for sale.Due to the increase of host function, hot wire also developed from the original "Contel A1" and "ni-cr line" to the current common "Ni 200", "titanium" and "316", and even "tungsten", "gold", "silver" and other materials as glass pipes for sale heating materials.When we choose to buy, we must screen ourselves.Do not wind too loose or hard.I used to write the difference between overheat wire winding and loose winding.If you like, you can look at it and find out.

  After manufacturing the coil, the coil is mounted on the nozzle base.Roasting of the wire is an essential step. Ceramic tweezers must be used during the process.Thermally insulated ceramic tweezers allow you to adjust the coil while it is live.

  4. diagonal pliers

  Some people might say they don't need pliers.They don't exist.If you are making a small size hot wire, you can pinch it with your hands, but a large size hot wire must have pliers.The purpose of the diagonal clamp is to cut off the excess wire foot of the coil after the coil is made.However, after removing the threaded foot using this method, the electrode screw must be observed for loosening, which requires a screwdriver to hold it in place, otherwise it will create jump resistance and even burn off the hot wire.

  5. ceramic tweezers

  Ceramic tweezers are an essential tool.Not only can it adjust the heating wire without breaking when the hot wire burns red, but it can also be used as a tool to fill the cotton.Some people may want to ask, why does the hot wire wrap even when it's finished, but also need to burn the wire -

  If you find the wire winding uneven or too dense and loose, you can adjust it with tweezers to make sure your sprayer tastes better and doesn't have any other problems.

  Of course, there is an introduction to the tools for DIY glass pipes for sale.You can buy it as needed, or you can replace it with other tools depending on your operating habits.


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