How to choose water pipes on the e-tobacco industry benchmark

  water pipes for sale is a new type of cigarette that has emerged only in recent years, also known as health cigarette.The main principle of e-cigarette is to heat the smoke oil through the electric heating wire of the e-cigarette, so that the smoke oil atomized into smoke, for smokers to use.The composition of tobacco oil has propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, edible flavor and so on.The whole process of e-cigarettes is not a chemical reaction, but a general physical reaction, which mainly atomizes the smoke oil from the liquid into the gas phase, without producing any harmful substances.E-cigarettes are characterized by no need to burn, no need for tar, no need for second-hand smoke, no need for soot, no need for heavy metals and other harmful substances.E-cigarettes will replace traditional cigarettes in the near future.

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  As anyone who has ever used water pipes knows, the benefits of e-cigarettes are very cute.However, not all brands of e-cigarettes are as safe and healthy as the Internet claims.In addition to the quality of the liquid used in different brands of e-cigarettes, the quality of e-cigarettes is also a very important factor.At present, there are a wide variety of e-cigarettes on the market and their quality varies.How can we choose a good quality e-cigarette and make ourselves like it?

  First, I want to tell you that e-cigarettes are made up of pipes and oil.Therefore, choosing a good e-cigarette is mainly from these two aspects.

  What should be the choice of tobacco oil?

  Take e-cigarette oil as an example. It is the best e-cigarette oil on the market.

  From the appearance and characteristics of the product, the color of e-cigarette oil is clear, transparent, bright, with colorless, light yellow, yellow, orange, green and other colors, looks very comfortable.

  From olfactory experience point of view, the aroma that smells smoke oil carefully with nose, aroma is elegant, comfortable, full, remaining fragrance is inviting, resemble the smell of smoke, very physiology is contented.

  From the taste experience, deeply inhaled a mouthful of smoke, the taste is smooth and smooth, mellow and refreshing, the smoke moistens, the entrance moistens, the aftertaste is endless;Smoke does not stimulate, not hot mouth, not choking the lungs.After smoking, the remaining fragrance is surrounded, very close to the taste of cigarettes, because the tobacco oil adds a small amount of nicotine to make the taste closer to the taste of cigarettes.Small amounts of nicotine are quickly broken down by the body and do not accumulate in the body, so they do not harm to our health.

  Through the analysis LOOKAH Online Head Shop of the composition of tobacco oil, the glycerin of e-cigarette is extracted from the pure natural plant essence, the original ecology is precious, environmental protection, the effective ingredients and solvents added to the tobacco oil are the top imported edible grade or medicinal grade propylene glycol, glycerin and polyethylene glycol, as well as high-quality tobacco essence.

  The flavor of e-cigarette oil is mainly fruit, herbal and tobacco flavor.Fruit flavors are mainly apple, orange, lemon, strawberry, watermelon, and so on, almost all fruit flavors can be copied.Herbal flavors mimic mint, vanilla, licorice, and other herbal flavors.The taste of tobacco is similar to that of traditional cigarettes in China, yuxi and marlboro.

  After smoking an e-cigarette, your breath will be as fresh as usual, your mouth and clothes will not leave a strange smell, and it will not affect how others feel about you.

  Disposable e-cigarettes are the equivalent of several packs of regular cigarettes, and a bottle of e-cigarette oil is the equivalent of several packs of cigarettes.The electronic cigarette on the product is very convenient to use and carry, do not need open flame ignition, to smoke, do not smoke on the side, use is very safe and convenient.

  In addition, the quality of the product depends on whether there is a relevant qualification certificate. The oil rigs on the product has been tested and certified by the FDA, CNAS and other agencies. The quality and safety are absolutely guaranteed.

  According to foreign research institutions, some e-cigarette vapors on the market contain 10 times more carcinogens, including formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, than regular cigarettes.These harmful substances are some inferior electronic cigarette oil contains harmful substances.Due to the lack of formal enterprise funds and technology, they do not have special security testing equipment.In the production of tobacco oil, the use of low - cost, low - technology industrial production of industrial raw materials.They used the industrial solvent diethylene glycol instead of the sweetener glycerol.It has an astonishing 10 times more harmful ingredients than regular cigarettes.

  In addition to the oil, the stick is also the standard for evaluating the quality of e-cigarettes.E-cigarettes are used to atomize smoke through a stick atomizer.Therefore, the quality of the spray can also affect the quality of the oil.


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