The muffled sound of the water pipes expands

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  Now you come to the starbucks under wangjing SOHO and tell you about the project of a thief cow!"

  One afternoon in October 2018, fan jianming, director of industrial design at smarthammer, received a call from zhu xiaomu, an employee of the company.Fan jianming had a high fever, repeatedly pushed his sick body to the appointed place, and saw zhu xiaomu with his research report and mooncut e-cigarette, which was the beginning of the two men's decision to create LOOKAH SHOP.

  Material, mold opening, production line.With all kinds of problems, zhu xiaomu and fan jianming came to shenzhen together.The local industrial chain is ripe for two foreign monks to suffer, and every negotiation is like a game, in a battle of wits and courage.The most common picture is of two people with low blood sugar, sitting on their teeth in the road, silently saying nothing to each other, too lazy to talk.Fan jianming said to "deep net" : "like a small beggar, good.

  At the end of the hammer, luo often met people who complained about the bad mood of the old staff. He always asked fan a similar question: "how do I feel about you every day?"Every day overtime, every day overtime, two or three every day off no problem.Why are you so angry?

  "I'm not a big fan of luo, but I appreciate his kindness," fan told made a hammer with one hand."I couldn't wait for the company to sell it and then wait for the next recipient to do a job report, so I didn't wait for the hammer to sell me.

  In 2018, yao witnessed the rapid growth of water pipes in the United States and then went to shenzhen to look for opportunities: "actually, I just wanted to invest, but I didn't find the project I wanted.Before investing in Paytm, India's biggest payments platform, and Lime, America's biggest shared-travel company, he mocked it for not doing business.

  Yao first talked about xing chenyue, the inventor of nicotine salt, and then Chen min and liu yu, who met at TCL.In fact, for me, the most attractive is xing chenyue, Daniel, I can do what I can do, yao can always do what I can do, but xing chenyue can't do what xing chenyue can do.

  Liu yu, who spent a decade in charge of TCL's research and development and helped buy blackberry, summed up the final state of his last job.Later, when I met li dong [TCL chairman li dongsheng], he was often scolded: luo pang is too fat, you are so fat, he is so boorful, why don't you blow it?""Liu recalled.

  In this way, four people, all 39 years old, formed a team of scientists and got on the last bus of the e-cigarette industry.Two months ago, a poster was posted on wechat, announcing the launch of the e-cigarette brand Yooz.A month later, luo abandoned the platform and joined lobular, an e-cigarette brand founded by former Smartisan President peng jinzhou.

  These are just the tip of the iceberg for Chinese glass bongs brands, backed by IDG, source capital, meihua venture capital, MatrixPartners China and other capital figures.

  The mobile Internet age's gaming giants are being especially restrained, busy cutting the cake and focusing on policy direction in an industry that is far from a food-grabbing arena.


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