Why are water pipes unpopular?


  In China, glass pipes are the first to create a circular wind outlet in 2019.Chuanjiu's heavy injection into e-cigarettes is also due to the acquisition of the us e-cigarette brand JuulLabs by marlboro parent Altria Group in late 2018 at a valuation of $38bn.The penetration rate of e-cigarettes among the 100 million smokers in the United States is now 13 percent.In a 2013 report, GoldmanSachs said e-cigarettes could account for 10 per cent of total tobacco sales and 15 per cent of profits by 2020.

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  This makes a group of domestic capital smell an opportunity, because China is a big consumer of tobacco, with about 350 million smokers, the world's largest consumer and producer of tobacco, cigarette consumption is about 44% of the world's tobacco market, but our penetration rate of cool water pipes is less than 1%.Some estimate that even if the penetration rate of e-cigarettes reaches 10%, it will create a market level of 100 billion.

  This track has been injected into several first-tier investment institutions, including ringing funds, mobile capital, source capital and idg capital.Therefore, a large number of domestic e-cigarette brands often get more than 10 million yuan of initial financing.According to incomplete statistics, a dozen e-cigarette companies in China have received hundreds of millions of yuan in financing.

  Data show that the current registered capital of more than 10 million yuan "e-cigarette" enterprises more than 30 million yuan.According to incomplete statistics from e-commerce e-cigarette world, there were more than 35 investment cases in the e-cigarette industry in the first half of 2019.According to the disclosed investment statistics, the total investment is at least 1 billion yuan.

  There is a need for quick profits and quick returns.E-cigarette makers urgently need to reach more people in the market, so we are seeing e-cigarette makers urgently want to put an attractive label on their marketing package: one is safety and health, the other is a hint of fashion and social status.

  Currently, on e-commerce platforms, many water pipes making noise humming advertisements are packaged as a similar cosmetics, fashion products, with mint, mango, bubble gum, marshmallows and many other attractive flavors, are packaged as a fashionable lifestyle.E-cigarettes, which claim to be marketed as toxic substances such as tar, carbon monoxide and nitrite, are an effective way to quit smoking and appeal to mentally immature teenagers.

  According to the 2018 China adult tobacco survey released by the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, the proportion of people who have heard of e-cigarettes, who have used e-cigarettes, and who now use them all increased compared to 2015.In the United States, the data also showed that 20.8 percent of high school students and 4.9 percent of middle school students used e-cigarettes last year, up 78 percent and 48 percent from the same period last year.

  Adam and his lawyers accused the famous us e-cigarette maker of inculcating that "e-cigarettes can improve the social status of teenagers" without fully disclosing the harmful ingredients in its products.

  The safety and health labels of e-cigarettes are now being questioned by the public.

  The world health organization reports there is insufficient evidence to support the conclusion that e-cigarettes are safer and healthier."Some of the aerosols produced by e-cigarettes can contain a lot of toxic substances," said AmyAbe Nethy, the fda's principal deputy administrator.Substances in emg aerosols may cause lung malnutrition, difficulty breathing, reduced defenses against bacterial and viral pathogens, and inflammatory responses that mimic the aerosols of metastatic cancer.".

  In many current cases, e-cigarette companies have not fully disclosed the harmful ingredients of their e-cigarette products, and users do not know whether this will lead to some hidden dangers after smoking.

  It is common knowledge that capital strength is not about rushing to be a public ambassador for quitting, but about having a clear, quick, and profitable goal and need.If e-cigarettes can be used effectively to stop smoking, it means they will face a continuing loss of users in the future, which neither the manufacturers nor the profit-making capital want to see.

  From the point of view of manufacturers' profit demand, only let users continue to buy, e-cigarette enterprises can continue to maximize the profit.


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