Catch a disease to die, giant is checked, electronic cigarette meets dark hour?


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  Electronic cigarettes, which have been popular in the United States for so many years, have never been questioned as much as they are today.Not even the lucrative behemoth JuulLabs can avoid.

  A few days ago, federal prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into JuulLabs in California.Foreign media say the investigation is being led by the U.S. attorney's office for the northern district of California and the focus of the probe is unclear.

  What is certain, however, is that the study has something to do with the "lung crisis" in e-cigarettes in the United States.

  In just one week, the number of confirmed and suspected cases of lung disease caused by e-cigarette use in the United States soared from 380 to 530, according to the data.Many of them died of excessive illness, aged between 18 and 49.

  Sick, dead, banned from sale, and panic about glass pipes.

  AdamHergenreder, a former college wrestler, sued JuulLabs through his lawyer for falsely promoting the safety of his products.Adam's lung function is almost the same as that of a 70-year-old man after smoking e-cigarettes for 18 months.

  Unlike Adam's long-term adverse reactions, some people feel unwell for several days.Most patients are in the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) stage.When fluid accumulates in the lungs, the patient may experience difficulty breathing, coughing, and chest pain.The symptoms were observed to be similar, from nausea and vomiting to fever and fatigue.

  On the other side of Canada, there was the first case associated with e-cigarettes.A middle school student in Ontario, Canada, was found to be suffering from severe respiratory problems on September 18, local time.Previously, the student had no health problems but had been smoking e-cigarettes every day.Doctors say the student's illness is related to e-cigarettes.

  Electronic cigarette is no longer a new thing in foreign countries, why now sudden disease from time to time?

  In response, the centers for disease control and prevention is cataloging the patients' records and asking their health care providers.Most patients with respiratory illnesses said they smoked tetrahydrocannabis (THC), the main active ingredient in cannabis, in e-cigarettes, which may be illusory.

  Other patients said THC and nicotine were mixed together during water dog pipes smoking.Only a small percentage of them said they smoked nicotine.Given that marijuana is still illegal in many states, some patients may be reluctant to disclose whether they have used THC, health officials explained.

  According to foreign media reports, us authorities are still unable to determine whether a specific product or ingredient is responsible for the disease, which is likely to be linked to a variety of ingredients.The centers for disease control and prevention has issued a warning to americans about the dangers of e-cigarettes, amid growing concerns about illnesses caused by their use.

  Government regulation has tightened, public opinion has grown, retailers have lost faith in their supposed money-making businesses and have been forced back to moral standards.

  Wal-mart, the us supermarket chain, recently announced that it would stop selling e-cigarettes across the us, in a huge blow to the industry."As federal, state and local regulators become more complex and uncertain about e-cigarettes, we plan to stop the sale of these e-nicotine products.""The retail giant said in a speech.

  In fact, wal-mart is no longer the first major retailer to ban e-cigarettes.In April, Riteaid, one of the largest drug supply chains in the United States, announced it would stop supplying e-cigarettes.In August DollarGeneral, a new retailer, announced that it would pull e-cigarettes from its shelves.Two weeks ago, Costco pulled all its e-cigarette products from the shelves.

  Big guy JuulLabs was the first to be shot dead among the e-cigarette brands pulled from the shelves.

  The giant is in its biggest crisis after being investigated, fired and its chief executive resigned.

  The American e-cigarette market is facing intense scrutiny from academia, the government and the public at large, and is at risk for public health.In that shadow, the company that dominates the industry, Jules LABS, was plunged into "black September," and with it a series of negative effects.

  First, in early September, JuulLabs launched in China, selling online through and Tmall, and launching mint, Virginia tobacco, mango and cream.

  In less than four days, however, JuulLabs' e-cigarette products were taken off the shelves by two e-commerce platforms.


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