A dark moment for glass pipes in international tobacco regulation?


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  As the panic continues to spread, the cool e-cigarettes of the past are suddenly being targeted, with state and federal governments banning them.San Francisco, Michigan, New York and others have banned the sale of bio water pipes.

  On September 4th the state of Michigan banned the sale of scented e-cigarettes.

  On September 11th the White House announced that it would ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes.

  On Sept. 11, the fda said it would announce compliance policies in the coming weeks to eliminate non-tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes that are not pre-approved for the market.

  On September 15th the governor of New York announced that the city would take economic and administrative measures to ban the sale of scented e-cigarettes other than tobacco and menthol.The ban takes effect immediately after the ban is approved, and glass bongs retailers in New York state have two weeks to remove all related products.

  The extent of regulation is already apparent.In part, the culprit is that e-cigarette brands exaggerate the "replacement" function of e-cigarettes and avoid the risk of their ingredients being smoked, such as the nicotine salts in their products, which can cause harm by allowing nicotine to cross the blood-brain barrier.

  Of these, teenagers were the hardest hit, eaten and turned into an epidemic.

  One in four Canadian high school students have smoked e-cigarettes, and the group is growing, according to a health survey released recently, Canadian media reported.In the United States, one in five high school students has smoked an e-cigarette.

  On the night of September 13, US President Donald Trump tweeted: "I prefer atomised e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, but this requires ensuring that this option is safe for all.Let's get rid of fake products in the market and keep our kids away from e-cigarettes!"This is not just a national problem," he said.E-cigarettes affect minors, and we have to take very, very strong action.

  In addition to the United States, in the face of a threat to people's health electronic smoke, especially the influence on adolescent health, most countries have keep up with the massive "tobacco control act", and are actively taking steps to review the electronic cigarette is scientific and security, some countries even directly to ban smoking in a formal document.

  The Canadian government has pledged to track the health effects of dragon water pipe after the country's first e-cigarette case.Ontario health commissioner Yelia issued an order requiring all public hospitals in the province to provide statistics on lung diseases related to e-cigarettes.

  Meanwhile, India's finance minister has ordered a ban on the production, manufacture, import, export, transport, sale, stockpiling and advertising of e-cigarettes in India. Those who violate the ban face three years in prison and a fine of about $7,000.

  In Europe, regulators said they were monitoring the situation closely, and the European Commission has pledged to complete a scientific review of e-cigarettes by 2021, providing a new basis for updating existing measures.

  Different Chinese markets: continuous financing, where is the money?

  On the other side of the ocean, on the other side of China, things are very different.

  Those who thought the March 15 party roll call would throw cold water on e-cigarettes in China probably didn't expect the industry to be very strong in more than six months.In the primary market, enter the game, change money, spend money under the channel, spend money on marketing, the e-cigarette feast is booming.

  First of all, in terms of financing, found that in the past six months, there are new faces into the track, a variety of brand financing news can be said to be continuous.

  Luo yonghao, a generation of Internet celebrity entrepreneur, participated in ono's e-cigarette;Huang yu, a former Apple executive in China, founded the e-cigarette brand yuntun and received tens of millions of yuan in angel funding.Flow Fulu completed a $50 million financing round;Moti completed round A financing of $50 million;LINX announced the completion of its fifth round of financing.

  Tianfeng securities, SIG Heiner Asia, Match Partners China.When it comes to making money, big shots are not absent.But as we all know, the technical barriers and production costs of e-cigarettes are not high."All links of the e-cigarette industry chain can be outsourced and the technology content is very low.You can build a factory to assemble it yourself, and you can get into the arena for $1.8 million."Some e-cigarette practitioners have told heng yun.

  What about the tens of millions of dollars?


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