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  In order to attract more users than other brands, you can see the fierce competition among brands.In previous e-cigarette series, qian yun reviewed the background resumes of e-cigarette entrepreneurs, none of whom had any experience in the water pipes industry and some of whom did not even smoke.But they all have a coincidence: they put on their "halo" and give their brands a fire in their marketing.

  The hammer background formed by zhu xiaomu, founder of Flow Fulu, CAI yuedong, founder of "Internet celebrity", huang taiji, co-founder of Yooz, and other media founders behind WeMedia such as rhinoceros LINX, military side, and visual chronicle;From liao day fort luo yonghao retired hammer, go to sea to participate in the smoke, all the way with their own topic.

  However, the founders' own brands and popularity do not last long, and consumer interest in their stories is almost negligible.To keep the brand alive in the market, since e-cigarettes can't be advertised in a big way, it has become a new tool for marketers to target social media, look for kols to bring merchandise, and look for celebrities to promote advertising.

  Before the uncle led his online celebrity circle to try Yooz grapefruit, zheng showed off e-cigarette brands of snow and new e-coffee on weibo, while the real Internet craze was Edison Chen's "don't be wild, loye wait a minute."No, no, no.

  Promotion costs money.This is not immune to a series of classic "price war" games for Internet startups, such as low prices, profits, subsidies, etc., which also burn money.

  A security risk that money cannot avoid.

  While players are still determined to spend money on distribution channels and marketing, anything hanging from the sword of Damocles could fall at any moment.The March 15 name-calling is seen as a restraint on the fast-growing coll water pipes industry and a cooling of capital inflows.

  This comes from the popular private e-cigarette brand on the market, which is actually in three product states, with no regulation, no production standard, and no safety certification, with huge safety risks.

  Meanwhile, a growing body of research confirms that e-cigarettes also release harmful substances.The high levels of propylene glycol and glycerol detected in smoke don't often show up in the air we breathe.If you smoke for a long time, combined with heating, it can be a threat to the health of smokers and passive smokers to some extent.

  As mentioned above, coupled with the "cool cool" of many e-cigarette brand design and marketing advocates, and even the use of words like "healthy" and "healthy", the relatively weak harm is confused as absolutely harmless, as if it is cultivating and attracting new non-smokers, and teenagers are most vulnerable to the "erosion" of the community.

  Although the state administration for market regulation and the state tobacco monopoly administration issued a special notice last year banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, the effect was minimal.As a new product, the electronic cigarette is still in the poisoning. Most of the population in the theme of this year on May 31, world no tobacco day campaigns, national health council would refuse to use electronic cigarettes as a propaganda theme, hoping to arouse the public, parents and teenagers understanding of electronic smoke, especially parents and schools, in order to reduce the possibility of access to electronic cigarettes.

  However, as far as the current view is concerned, I dare not say whether there are minors among the buyers of the major brands, and how to achieve not selling e-cigarettes to minors, I do not dare to say a big question mark.

  This may be caused by the "e-cigarette scare" spreading in the United States.

  It is worth mentioning that there are also reports in the domestic media that the national standard for e-cigarettes will be released in October, because the project was launched two years ago in 2017, and the standards drafted by several agencies are in the final approval stage before release.However, the standardization administration of China recently reported that the mandatory national standards for oil rigs are being drafted, the relevant technical indicators and contents are still being studied, and the approval and release time has not been determined.

  Policy oversight is not in place and most in the industry believe that 70 per cent of e-cigarette brands will not survive the first quarter of next year.To this end, some people try to squeeze in industry executives in order to live a little longer.Some recognise that the domestic market is about to restructure and think that going to sea will be a way of life.Only the foreign tobacco control business can operate one after another, which is not an easy road.

  Today, the e-cigarette market in the United States is not what it used to be, and the story of JuulLabs' fortunes is no longer loud.E-cigarettes are hard to get through.Domestic businesses also need to think deeply.


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