Water pipes are blocked from the "weibo little red book"


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  The e - cigarette advertisement in the little red book has cooled down.After 315, yesterday, the e-cigarette industry once again experienced a "panic".

  According to official monitoring data from 14 online platforms, there are 42,834 tobacco advertisements and other related information on sina weibo, accounting for 82.54 percent, while "women's recommendation platform" little red Ben has 2,051 tobacco marketing information.The soft text on the platform has now been removed.

  Online sales of LOOKAH glass bongs will be directly affected when the ban on tobacco advertising begins.However, most practitioners do not panic when faced with online regulation: "regulation will happen sooner or later, and now it is mainly offline.

  Well-known institutions have been investing in the e-cigarette industry since the second half of 2018, and for a while, the track has been filled with fresh clothes, and the high-profile e-cigarette industry is no longer hidden in a gray area after well-known organizations join in.The policy once affected the minds of the workers.

  The tobacco advertising restrictions are a wake-up call for the tobacco industry, whose waiting sword of Damocles is crumbling.

  Note: this article is based on interviews with pencil journalists and public information on the Internet. This debate is inevitably biased and not deliberately misleading.

  Tobacco advertising surveillance orders, lookah seahorse coil are linked

  From January to June 2018, official platforms captured 51,892 pieces of information related to tobacco advertising and promotion, including 7,289 tobacco-related news articles and 47,304 discussion articles among smokers, according to the 2018 Internet tobacco marketing data monitoring report released by the city's center for disease control and prevention.

  Among these tobacco-related information, 39507 (76.13%) was sold by tobacco agents, 1959 (3.78%) by tobacco agents, 1977 (3.81%) for tobacco advertising information, 0.51% (0.51%) for tobacco sponsorship information, tobacco agents accounted for the highest proportion of sales information, and 3.78% of overseas purchase and sales information showed the hidden trend of China's smoking of overseas cigarettes.

  There are 300 million smokers in China, and men are the main consumers. With the popularization of the Internet and the increase of marketing methods, the smoking population is changing quietly.

  Women and youth are becoming major targets for tobacco transmission.According to data from 14 online platforms tested by the authorities, weibo has captured 42,834 messages related to tobacco advertising and promotion, accounting for 82.54 percent, the most.The number of tobacco marketing messages collected on the women's recommendation platform is 2051.

  It is worth mentioning that the latest "weibo user development report 2018" released by sina weibo center shows that young users aged between 18 and 30 account for 75 percent of weibo users, plus 70 percent of female users of "little red book".Therefore, it can be seen that women and teenagers have become new sources of tobacco.

  In the face of such a "special group", "obscure" advertorials have replaced the traditional hard and widespread."You taste like a season the world shouldn't have."Hardcore youth e-cigarette, no secondhand smoke.The girl thought about whether to buy XXX or start for a long time, and told you my evaluation.The title of the article focuses on promoting and inducing women and teenagers to smoke, including e-cigarettes.

  Search "little red book" for keywords like "cigarettes" and "cool water pipes" and the content disappears.

  Journalists searched the "little red book" for cigarettes, and the "notes" page was searched for 95, 000 times. "ladies" and "women's smoke" keywords also appeared.Like beauty products, cigarettes appear in the lives of women in a "recommended" way.

  Soft implantation increases the concealment of tobacco propaganda.According to the monitoring data, there are 7,766 soft text messages, accounting for 14.97%, and 418 false scientific and technological information related to tobacco. The soft text glamorizes smoking behavior, spreads pseudoscience, and increases brand awareness, which actually attracts a large number of users and brings more challenges to supervision.

  In this regard, Beijing center for disease control and prevention, said the next step will continue to cooperate with related departments, launch the marketing of the tobacco network monitoring, in-depth excavation monitoring data, collecting typical cases, regularly publish monitoring results, in collaboration with related departments investigated typical case, and will be suspected of violating the advertisement law of the case to the relevant departments.

  Online sales of e-cigarettes will be directly affected when the ban on tobacco advertising begins."The e - cigarette ads on "little red book" are cold.E-cigarettes on weibo are really cool.There is a lot of talk among practitioners.


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