The true fate of water pipe slides in the United States

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  As the world's largest consumer market for lookah seahorse, federal and state governments in the United States are stepping up regulation of e-cigarettes, and a total ban on the sale of new e-cigarettes is on the agenda.

  (xu yuan is a reporter with the Washington Business Weekly)

  Since 2019, e-cigarettes have frequently appeared on "hot search lists."In addition to being sought after by consumers to promote brand proliferation, e-cigarette use is more likely due to "negative publicity" such as illness and even death.Some countries and regions have included e-cigarettes in the scope of the ban, e-cigarettes into the forefront.

  As the world's largest e-cigarette consumer market, the regulation of e-cigarette sales in the United States, especially for young people, is also becoming stricter, and a total ban on the sale of new e-cigarettes has gradually been put on the agenda.

  What do americans think of e-cigarettes?

  Made in China, consumed in Europe and America

  Currently, there are three main types of e-cigarette products on the market: heating non-burning tobacco products, electronic nebulization systems containing nicotine, and electronic nebulization systems without nicotine.

  In China, water main pipe material have become an emerging and rapidly growing industry, with a significant increase in the number of consumers and a growing number of enterprises producing e-cigarettes.

  According to information obtained by the national financial weekly from the e-tobacco industry committee of the China electronic commerce association, the total sales of private e-cigarette companies in China reached 33 percent.In 2018, it was 75 billion yuan, with exports accounting for 85 percent of total sales and domestic sales accounting for only 15 percent.At the same time, the production of China's e-cigarette private enterprises accounts for about 95% of the global total, and the export volume accounts for about 90% of the global total.An industrial pattern of manufacturing in China and consumption in Europe and the us has taken shape, highlighting the monopoly position of Chinese e-cigarette companies in the global market.

  It is particularly worth mentioning that shenzhen has a complete industrial chain and more than 500 e-cigarette enterprises, whose e-cigarette production accounts for about 90% of the global total.

  The public health technology supervision research group of tsinghua university has released the "public health technology supervision research report" (2019).Yan fei, an associate professor of sociology at tsinghua university who led the research team, told reporters that China is now the world's largest producer and exporter of e-cigarettes, and that most of the e-cigarettes consumed around the world are produced by Chinese private companies.Generally speaking, China's e-cigarette private enterprises have absolute competitive advantages in international trade.

  However, wang haiyu, a researcher at the center for globalization studies at the academy of social sciences of tsinghua university, said e-cigarettes face a series of challenges, including insufficient basic research, prominent quality and safety issues, lack of standards and weak supervision.

  A revised "smoking control regulation" in the shenzhen special economic zone came into effect on oct 1, raising concerns about including e-cigarettes in the scope of tobacco control.Earlier, hangzhou's regulations on smoking in public places also made it clear that smoking refers to inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke or hazardous e-smoke, as well as holding lit tobacco products.

  In the future, how this "technology and fashion consumer goods" will face the test of government regulation has entered the scope of global regulators.

  Why are you looking for distance?

  The United States is the world's leading consumer market for etsy water pipe, but the vast majority of its steam products are made in China, for a variety of reasons.

  First, the food and drug administration (FDA) has imposed very strict restrictions on e-liquid flavorings in the United States.Although the U.S. government imposes a 25 percent tariff on e-cigarettes from China, American companies still choose to set up factories in China or commission e-cigarettes and import the finished products from China to maximize demand in the local market.

  FDA rules prohibit the sale of products manufactured after August 8, 2016, in the absence of an FDA sales order.That means companies need to spend millions of dollars on each new product to get pre-sale tobacco app (PMTA) approval, and few independent manufacturers are willing to risk huge costs.Meanwhile, no company wants to make obsolete products before 2016.

  Second, China has been mass-producing e-cigarettes and other steam devices since 2003.Well-known Chinese manufacturers such as zhuoyi and smock have been producing for more than a decade.Chinese manufacturers know more about the e-cigarette market and all the parts they need are made in China.

  In short, opening a new factory anywhere to mass-produce an e-cigarette device is extremely expensive, and the cost of materials and labor in the United States is much higher than in China.American Electronic tobacco association?Gregory, chairman of Conley, said the handful of e-cigarette device makers in the U.S. simply can't afford to ramp up production to meet demand in the U.S. e-cigarette market.


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