The status of jet water pipe in the United States

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  According to the data, three of the top five "small cigarettes" (e-cigarettes containing only sticks and bombs) in the us market are contracted by Chinese factories, while the top five "big cigarettes" brands are all made by Chinese manufacturers.Take Juul, the largest maker of e-cigarettes in the United States, which had more than $1 billion in revenue in 2018 and accounted for three-quarters of the pvc water pipe market in the United States. Its e-cigarette devices are also made in shenzhen, China.

  For the vast majority of American consumers, conley said, they would not choose an e-cigarette made in the United States, but they would prefer a tariff on a cigarette made in China.There are, no doubt, few options.

  Safe outbreak of lung disease

  According to the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) released the notice and the U.S. media reports, the recent American lung associated with electronic cigarettes epidemic broke out, as of October 15, recorded 1479 cases in the United States, covers 49 states, Washington state and the virgin islands, only has not been affected by the epidemic in Alaska.

  Meanwhile, as of Oct. 15, 33 people had died from e-cigarettes in 29 states, up from 18 less than two weeks earlier.A leading official at the centers for disease control and prevention was not unimpressed, saying there were no signs of a significant decline in the epidemic and the number of cases had not yet peaked.

  The FDA has become the target of a storm of public opinion in the United States over the rise in heat tape for water pipes deaths.

  In fact, as early as September 2008, the world health organization (who) declared that e-cigarettes were not a reasonable means of stopping smoking and banned the use of slogans such as "who considers e-cigarettes safe" in packaging and marketing.But the fda's regulations on e-cigarettes are relatively lax.It is widely believed that the tragedy was caused by the fda's lack of oversight of e-cigarettes.The regulation of e-cigarettes has not yet reached the level of tobacco products, leading to the emergence of various e-cigarette products, brands or marketing methods, leading to a large number of teenagers using e-cigarettes.

  As an e-cigarette giant, yul has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion and targeted by the U.S. government and many others.Regulators in the United States argued that its early advertising campaigns had an appeal to teenagers.In September, the food and drug administration warned eure not to promote e-cigarettes in its marketing campaign as a safer alternative to cigarettes, giving it a deadline to correct and come up with a plan to comply with federal law.

  In a filing with government regulators in August, Juul said it had raised nearly $800 million in stock and bond issues to expand globally.The company's rapid growth has attracted the attention of us regulators.Illinois attorney general and Washington, d.c.C. is investigating why yule's best-selling e-cigarette device is popular among teenagers.Among other things, the investigation by the Illinois attorney general is focusing on whether yoel violated the state consumer fraud act and other laws designed to design and sell his products to appeal to minors.

  In addition, prosecutors in four other states are investigating or prosecuting yoel, including Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts and north Carolina.In may, the north Carolina attorney general filed a lawsuit asking the court to restrict Mr. Yoel's sales and marketing in the state.

  There is also a growing debate about the safety of boon water pipes.Although a February report by the PublicHealthEngland found that e-cigarettes pose less of a health risk than regular cigarettes, U.S. officials and the media, as well as experts, take a very different view.

  Oregon health officials say most of the patients who had been in good health suddenly experienced a significant decline in their health, and that lung disease is suspected to be linked to the smoking habits of the deceased.According to the Washington post, patients who bought e-cigarettes containing marijuana were linked to the vitamin E acetate in the devices.David is a professor at the university of Birmingham, UK.Tikert (DavidThickett) also published a study in the journal of medicine that found e-cigarettes can cause the loss of vital immune cells, and warned that early e-cigarettes may have been wrong about human safety.


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