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  The CDC said in its statement that most patients reported smoking lookah seahorse coil containing tetrahydromarijuana (THC).Federal and state investigations also found that products containing THC were associated with the majority of cases and were responsible for the outbreak.The CDC also noted that some patients have reported that they only smoke e-cigarettes containing nicotine. Many patients smoke both nicotine and nicotine, so products containing nicotine could also be the cause of the outbreak.

  Researchers at the Mayo clinic in rochester, Minnesota, also said that after a biopsy of 17 patients, the substance that caused the lung disease may have been "toxic chemical fumes" rather than a mixture of tar.In response, the centers for disease control and prevention advised americans not to smoke thc-containing e-cigarettes and to "control" nicotine-containing e-cigarettes.

  Tighter controls, but not a total blockade

  Federal and local controls on the sale of e-cigarettes are tightening because they can cause significant harm and even death.

  In June, the city's board of supervisors approved a proposal to ban the sale and distribution of black plastic water supply pipe in the city until the FDA completes its review of the public health impact.San Francisco has also become the first city in the United States to ban the sale of e-cigarettes outright.The San Francisco board of overseers says while the ban may not be complete, it hopes it's a good start.

  In mid-september, U.S. President Donald trump met with the heads of the department of health and human services (HHS) and the FDA to discuss the health risks of e-cigarettes to teenagers.E-cigarettes have become a major problem in American society, not only because of their own problems, but also because of innocent children."We have to take a very, very strong approach," he said.After the meeting, Mr. Trump told reporters he would call for a ban on the sale of all nontraditional, tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes sold in the United States.

  Since then, U.S. health secretary AlexAzar has said the FDA will soon issue a regulatory policy banning the sale of fruit, mint and other new e-cigarettes that attract young people in the United States to go online and offline.

  He noted that five million teenagers in the United States already smoke e-cigarettes, a worrying trend.According to the data, 20.8 percent of high school students and 4.9 percent of middle school students in the United States used e-cigarettes in 2018, an increase of 78 percent and 48 percent from the same period last year.Eighty-two percent of teens try e-cigarettes because they like new flavors.That's one of the main reasons the U.S. government has banned the use of new e-cigarettes.

  At the state level, take new hambush for example.After the state reported lung problems linked to e-cigarette use, gov. ChrisSununu signed a tougher e-cigarette regulation bill into law on Sept. 26, especially on youth smoking.At the same time, the bill expands the definition of seahorse lookah.

  Earlier, the law banning youth smoking defined e-cigarettes as "vapors that provide a pure mixture of nicotine and propylene glycol," while the new law defines e-cigarettes as "devices," "including but not limited to nicotine or marijuana ingredients."

  The regulatory law also stipulates that any device used for e-cigarettes, whether or not it contains e-cigarette liquid, cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.Meanwhile, under pressure from Democrats in New Hampshire, the law stipulates that from January state cigars, cigarettes and e-cigarettes can only be sold to people 19 years old or older, in an effort to curb e-cigarette ownership in high school and distribute them to middle school students.

  Second, the new law imposes new taxes on e-cigarettes, which vary from product to product.Sealed e-cigarettes cost 30 cents per milliliter, and open tubes charge 8 percent per milliliter.The new rules were approved by governor sununu, but were inevitably opposed by street shops and tobacco shops.

  In addition, the law provides for e-cigarette licenses, which are considered to have the greatest impact on the e-cigarette industry.The law requires e-cigarette vendors to obtain licenses for products similar to tobacco and alcohol.In order to obtain licenses, vendors must comply with a series of regulations issued by the national liquor commission, which will be enacted in the coming months.


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