'Fatal divide' over water pipes: Britain welcomes us withdrawal from shelves

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  E-cigarettes are a "tobacco of the future" product that was originally expected to reduce the risk of disease among smokers and help them wean themselves off the habit.Today, e-cigarettes are being pushed in the opposite direction because they can cause severe lung disease and nicotine addiction in teenagers.

  "It is fair to say that the seahorse lookah industry has been caught in a global controversy and an unprecedented development crisis," he said.But in fact, the industry's debate about e-cigarette health has never stopped.Not only is the medical community split into two camps, but governments around the world are also divided on the issue of e-cigarette regulation -- Singapore, India and Thailand, for example, have imposed strict bans on e-cigarettes, while in some eu countries, such as the UK, e-cigarettes are welcomed as an effective alternative to traditional cigarettes.

  At the same time, the United States has been relatively ambivalent about e-cigarettes because of lung problems caused by the use of atomizing devices in several states and a surge in the number of teenage e-smokers.September 1st.11. Trump announced his plans to ban all foul-smelling lookah seahorse coil.It's worth noting that the United States is now the world's largest market for e-cigarettes, while India, which introduced a smoking ban this month, was once seen as a big blue ocean e-cigarette market because of its huge smoking base.

  Fear surged, a quick reaction from all walks of life across America

  Even as trump announced his plan to ban all fart e-cigarettes, reports about the potential health risks of e-cigarettes and the prevalence of nicotine addiction among young people in the United States have made parents, doctors and government officials increasingly wary of these products."As of September 19, the number of cases of steam-related lung disease in the United States had risen to 530, according to the New York times.At the same time, according to the national institute on drug abuse (NationalInstituteonDrugAbuse) according to a survey released a few days ago, more and more young people smoking - grade 8, 10, and 12 - the number of electronic cigarette has more than doubled since 2017.

  Thus, the risk of disease and the fear of attracting teenagers to eat are growing at a very rapid rate.In fact, several states had already banned e-cigarettes before the White House's announcement.Meanwhile, U.S. political officials are eager to shed their ties to e-cigarettes.The political action committee of JuulLabs (Juul), a popular e-cigarette company in the United States, recently submitted a campaign finance report showing that some of the company's political donations were returned last month.

  CNN, CBS, viacom and other media outlets said they would stop running ads on their websites because of recent public health warnings about e-cigarettes, the New York times reported, citing negative news and concerns.

  Not only have politicians and the media picked up on the risks, but some of America's biggest retailers have announced that they will stop selling e-cigarettes in the United States as concerns grow.Wal-mart said it would suspend sales of e-cigarettes at all of its stores in the United States.Walmart, Riteaid, a large us drugstore chain, and DollarGeneral, the fastest growing retailer in rural America, were pulling their steam products out of stores long before they did.Also, two weeks ago, Costco said it would remove all e-cigarette products from its shelves.

  But there are different voices in the United States about retailers coming off the shelves of gas water heater vent pipe code.Some critics noted that there was no clear evidence that many recent cases of lung disease caused by the use of aerosol devices were caused by the use of legally produced e-cigarettes.Medical researchers in the United States are also trying to find the true cause of more than 500 cases of lung disease.

  Notably, most of the recent "e-cigarette" outbreaks have been linked to vapors containing tetrahydrocannabis (THC).THC is a psychoactive compound in cannabis.On Sept. 24, the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) said many diagnosed patients said they had gotten tetrahydromarijuana (THC) from marijuana, and some emphasized that they only smoked nicotine through e-cigarettes.

  Tonyabboud, executive director of the vaping technology association, an e-cigarette lobby group, said: "walmart is making a mistake by putting cigarettes on the shelves and reducing the use of vaping products, which will encourage adult smokers to buy more cigarettes."It is scientifically proven that steam smoke can save lives as an alternative to smoking.


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