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  How much does it cost to make an lookah seahorse coil brand from scratch?At a three-tone e-cigarette salon, wu li, deputy director of the tianfeng securities research institute, gave the answer, which may cost as little as 5 million yuan.The entrepreneur next to them added that it only cost 3 million yuan.

  Such Numbers imply a very low threshold.Qiu predicted that a "smoke war" would soon break out in the market.Those who have been in the business of sharing, neighborhood chains and media will come around.

  Three or four years before starting his e-cigarette business, Mr. Chiu set up a business in the form of a motorcycle.In the second half of last year, Mr. Qiu, who was looking for a new category to start a business, discussed with executives at major mining chains why Jull, a U.S. e-cigarette company, had grown so quickly.In December 2018, Jull sold a 35 percent stake at a valuation of $38 billion, after raising about $15 billion in July 2018, the company's third year.

  Chiu went to a joule supply chain company to do research and got a rough idea of monthly shipments. "that's too bad," he said.

  Chiu is planning to start a new industry. He hopes his new product will be part of a new counter-cyclical consumer industry that is not too expensive. He can take advantage of the transformation and upgrading of the Internet and manufacturing industry.

  In contrast to the new entrants, CMO zhou revealed that since 2010, his team has been running businesses in the United States and has experienced two generations of alternatives to e-cigarettes, which are broadly defined as the third generation of water pipes for sale.

  The first e-cigarette is widely believed to have been invented by China's han li in 2003 and became popular in the following years, but the number of first-generation e-cigarettes declined rapidly as China central television criticized the effectiveness of a 2009 CCTV campaign to promote smoking cessation, zhou said.But the problem with the first generation of e-cigarettes was that there was no way to provide enough nicotine to ease the addiction.

  The second generation of e-cigarettes mainly refers to heavy smoking (sometimes referred to as "great smoke "), which provides more nicotine, but there are also many parts that need to be DIY, and to some extent costly to learn, to become a subcultural product within a circle.

  An important milestone in the proliferation of third-generation e-cigarettes, now small cigarettes, has been the breakthrough in the synthesis of nicotine salts over the past two years.Driven by new electronic manufacturing technologies, the third generation of e-cigarettes began to become as popular as electronic products.

  In small smoke, there are two types: heating non - combustion (IQOS) and smoke oil.IQOS USES heating rather than traditional tobacco burning, but because such products also involve tobacco, they have been incorporated into tobacco monopoly regulation at the legal level.The use of a nebulizer to atomize a mixture of nicotine, salt and so on into vapour that is not a tobacco product is a blank, and a hot spot for the latest wave of start-ups.

  Shenzhen has long been home to 90 per cent of the world's e-cigarette production, but the main markets are in Europe and the us, and the industry has been kept out of the public eye.

  At the end of 2017, the domestic flute team launched an MT test cigarette.At the time, no one was optimistic about e-cigarettes at all, so we just wanted to test them and see if we could sell them.""Zhou recalled.

  The pied piper didn't think about raising money until lookah glass rig became a hot topic.Like many e-cigarette companies in shenzhen, they have good overseas revenue, strong profitability and a lack of urgency in financing.It wasn't until the end of 2018 that e-cigarette outlets erupted, and the flute team decided that e-cigarettes might be popular in China and "couldn't get into the market quickly on their own money."

  The rapid growth of yuichi in 2018 directly stimulated entrepreneurs and investors.Industry insiders said that in 2018, the financing value of yake angel round was only 80 million yuan, while the recent financing value has soared to 800 million dollars.But the company has been silent to investors.

  The popularity of e-cigarettes has changed many traditional e-cigarette practitioners in shenzhen, said guo rui, director of e-commerce channel at Elego, a shenzhen-based e-cigarette sales company.They are starting to prepare for financing in different ways, and when looking for FA, they both have a certain sense of smell for money.

  After converting to e-cigarettes, qiu yifu saw many investment institutions start to focus on the e-cigarette industry.He believes that in the current economic environment, a lot of money has no direction, so he is looking at the counter-cyclical consumer sector, and e-cigarettes are just what investors want.

  Mr. Pan, tiantu's investment managing partner, saw e-cigarettes a year ago, but was influenced by patents and regulations to heat up the direction in which they didn't light.He aimed at the smoke and found that the "experience" of e-cigarettes was very bad.Now, after the rise of cigarettes, he has taken a second look over the past three months.


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