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  Another reason why pan pan is worried and not actively involved is that "there is a little bit of moral hazard, and now they are mostly young smokers, not the reformed old smokers.

  Zhou is also worried that some of her peers will use e-cigarettes as a cool lifestyle and a way to promote their products to young people, which may bring huge risks to the e-cigarette industry.She believes the focus of lookah seahorse should be on replacing traditional cigarettes, or existing smokers, rather than attracting young people to use them.

  If you used to smoke, you can try e-cigarettes, but if you don't smoke, don't touch them.At the tiefu promotion, Mr. Luo warned.

  Policy risk is also the most common question raised by investment institutions to entrepreneurs.Guo is still "optimistic" about the policy, or "must be."'there is a real demand in the industry, so it's very difficult to kill the policy,' he said. 'to establish policy standards, you have to first develop industry norms and then go through the long legislative process.'There will be rules and bans this year, but making laws is very difficult.".

  "Entrepreneurs should at least be given a profit cycle and a window before the policy is introduced," said qiu.

  After many e-cigarette products were launched, some practitioners used the concept of "health" and "health" in the promotion without any restrictions to attract users to buy e-cigarettes, and some products even added a large number of harmful electroplating materials in order to look good.

  According to a 2015 Phe report from the Department Of Health, lookah seahorse coil practitioners often cite data showing that new e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes.But in the propaganda, it seems that many people deliberately downplay the presence of the other 5%.

  Shortly after the report was released, the UK said it would introduce legislation to ban e-cigarettes from being bought by people under the age of 18 because of uncertainty about their long-term health effects on teenagers.

  In 2014, "the world health organization framework convention on tobacco control" contracting party issued a report, at the beginning of the report concerns, some experts believe that electronic nicotine delivery system (electronic cigarette is the main form of reducing smoking) is a way of reducing smoking, while others believe that it will undermine efforts to change the social environment of tobacco use.

  "According to sina, in September 2018, food and drug administration (FDA) commissioner ScottGottlieb said the surge in the number of teenagers using e-cigarettes was an epidemic."We are seeing an acceleration in the growth of young people and the resulting addiction that must end."To this end, he warned that if emerging manufacturers failed to control the spread of e-cigarettes among teenagers, they would consider phasing out all modified e-cigarettes from the us market.

  Strict regulation of e-cigarettes is emerging in China.In January 2019, the general office of the standing committee of the shenzhen municipal people's congress issued the "regulations on smoking control of shenzhen special economic zone" (revised draft for comments), intending to include e-cigarettes in the scope of tobacco control.This is seen as a clear signal of China's control of e-cigarettes.

  During the two sessions in 2017, zheng wei, a deputy to the National People's Congress and director of the guangdong provincial tobacco monopoly administration, submitted a bill calling for a guideline on e-cigarettes to be issued as soon as possible to control them as tobacco products.In January 2019, 13 deputies to the Beijing municipal people's congress (NPC) jointly proposed that the city raise smoking control order to include lookah glass bong review in tobacco control.

  According to statistics, more than a dozen countries or regions in the world, such as Japan, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, India and so on, have completely or partially banned the use of e-cigarettes.

  On March 3, the preparatory committee for the Tokyo Olympics announced a total ban on smoking, including e-cigarettes, in all venues during the event.

  In a sense, e-cigarettes are still guilty, and they can reduce the harm, but that doesn't mean there's no harm.People in the industry need to know, "says one worried insider.


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