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  In may, huang zhangjin, a media veteran, commented on an article by luo yonghao that sparked heated discussion on weibo.It is very touching to read how luo's heart is red.

  What was most painful for him was not the disillusioning of his dreams and the hero's fraud, but the knowledge that many of the small suppliers they owed were in poor shape as he cleaned up his balance sheet.It hurt him more than the disillusionment of his cellphone dreams and all the curses in the world.Therefore, whether the debt belongs to the company or the individual, he must pay it back.

  This is very just, but it cannot be exchanged for real gold and silver.

  After a variety of thinking, luo yonghao re-determined the direction of entrepreneurship: electronic cigarettes.Despite the disdain and controversy surrounding tobacco, luo's choice shows that lookah glass rig can be profitable.

  The same goes for e-cigarettes: not only can they make money, but they can also make quick money and big money.

  E-cigarette, a substitute for cigarettes, invented by Chinese pharmacist han li, is specialized and industrialized. For example, tobacco was launched in 2005, with a common product of 599 yuan and a high-end product of 16,800 yuan. It has bomber advertising and marketing.In 2008, more than 300,000 e-cigarettes were sold and marketed in Hong Kong.

  In America, too, there is a rich story.In December 2018, Juul, a three-year-old e-cigarette company based in San Francisco, paid $2bn, or $1.3m, or rmb8.92m, to 1,500 employees.

  Statistics show that in 2010, the global e-cigarette market was about $416 million, expanding to $7.By 2016 it had reached $1 billion, a 17-fold increase in six years.At present, there are 350 million smokers in China, but the penetration rate of e-cigarettes is less than 1%, so there is a large market space.Many acquaintances in the technology industry have joined the e-cigarette, such as CAI yuedong, zhu xiaomu and luo yonghao, the founders of tongdao uncle, who are all former employees of the company.More than a dozen e-cigarette companies have obtained financing in China, totaling hundreds of millions of yuan, including zhentian fund, mobile capital, source capital, idg capital and other first-tier investment institutions.

  The rush of capital, the rationality and greed of businessmen, are all focused on water pipes for sale, which can give people boundless rage and gasping pleasure.In the wake of the smoke, the lure and erosion of youth have become a destabilizing factor in the "trillion-dollar market."

  Innovation or industrial cancer?

  In "talk show 2," which just launched, li said the chairman of the host, Lao village head winery, talked to him and asked him to come up with an AD that would bring him closer to young people.

  Fashionable Internet celebrities have repeatedly proved that young people have won the world.E-cigarettes are designed to give up smoking, and their original customers are regular smokers. However, in the promotion activities at home and abroad, e-cigarettes are designed to win the attention and favor of young people.

  On the fashion app little redbook, most e-cigarettes are described as "refined in appearance, simple in style, fresh in flavor," cool u-shaped plates, fluid in industrial design, rich in taste Settings, and rich and smooth in throat feel, more appealing to young people's interest and curiosity than traditional cigarettes.

  E-cigarettes have also been co-marketed with young people's favorite music festivals, such as snowhome, yech, sierra lanla, cea tobacco, and other e-cigarette brands, appearing everywhere in wheat fields, strawberries, flutes, orange continent, cymbala, and other well-known domestic music festivals, screen advertising, signs, and free experience areas."Bars, nightclubs, homes, fashion shows and hordes of young people are also key avenues for e-cigarette brand attacks.In the promotional materials of the music festival and e-cigarette, it is very necessary to clearly expand the industry market, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and develop the cultural market of general trend.

  These, like Juul, account for three-quarters of the lookah snail market in America.Juul's first product promotion was to distribute e-cigarettes to good-looking young people for free at movie and music events in major U.S. cities in order to make "kols" among young people who came into contact with Juul and promote them to their peers.The advertising words repeatedly appear "youth charm, humor, popularity, cartoon" and other key words.The need to promote "improving the lives of a billion adult smokers" has made it a "viral epidemic" among young people, labeled as "hip" and "young."


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