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  Today, the future and fate of the e-cigarette industry depends on the national standards for "e-cigarettes" issued in October. Planning, taxation and supervision are the two major difficulties facing lookah glass rig.

  First, regulation is one of the main reasons for the explosive growth of the e-cigarette industry. One of the reasons is the regulatory gap.Supervision generally includes manufacturing qualifications, quality standards, publicity and sales.

  Manufacturing qualification: China implements the tobacco monopoly system, and the purchase of tobacco cultivation is carried out in accordance with the plan formulated by the planning department under the state council. No other units or individuals are allowed to participate without approval.The tobacco oil used in e-cigarettes is a nicotine solution or nicotine salt, which is not tobacco in the traditional sense and can be extracted from eggplant.If tobacco oil is to be regulated, it must be demonstrated and investigated at an early stage.

  The manufacture of e-cigarettes is likely to mimic the licensing system of traditional tobacco. Without a licence, they will be regarded as an illegal operation, which is equivalent to a life-or-death test for e-cigarette enterprises. Unlicensed enterprises may risk having their licences revoked.

  However, given that 90% of the world's e-cigarettes are produced in China and 99.9% of water pipes online companies are concentrated in shenzhen, foreign markets are the birthplace of e-cigarette competition in China, compared with the underdeveloped domestic market.Depending on export and domestic use, companies producing e-cigarettes may be placed in different regulatory systems to receive different production quotas.

  Quality standard: the quality of e-cigarettes on the market is uneven at present. Before 315 exposure, the nicotine content marked by e-cigarettes is not consistent with the actual situation, and there are quality problems such as the use of poor quality additives, so it is inevitable to introduce a unified national quality standard.This not only raised the production level of e-cigarettes and bid farewell to them three times, but also promoted a reshuffle of the industry and eliminated some unqualified "players"..

  Publicity, promotion and marketing: the newly promulgated "advertising law of the People's Republic of China" prohibits tobacco advertising in mass media, public places, public transportation and outdoor places.It is prohibited to send any form of tobacco advertising to minors, mainly through offline sales, and prohibited to sell it online.

  Today, e-cigarette advertising is unscrupulous, "baidu has been launching e-cigarette window advertising to users, online e-commerce platform can also find e-cigarette products at will.It is unclear whether the new standards will limit online sales channels, but given the smokescreen control atmosphere in society, e-cigarette advertising is likely to be much less visible.

  In short, after October, there will be a significant improvement in the absence of a clear regulatory framework for e-cigarettes and a clear legal gap.

  Let's talk about taxes.

  China also has the world's largest number of smokers, with about 350 million people, and penetration of e-cigarettes is less than 1 percent.Compared with 13 percent in the United States, China still has a very promising future.

  Unlike regular cigarettes, other e-cigarettes are not taxed except for non-combustion heating or iQOS use of tobacco.In 2018, China's tobacco industry realized a total of 115,562 trillion yuan in tax revenue and profits for the whole year, with a total national revenue of 1 trillion yuan.Worldwide, e-cigarettes are more popular than cigarettes, so the development of e-cigarettes in China is bound to affect some tobacco taxes.

  However, it is often too one-sided to say the tax distribution system alone.The fundamental starting point of national tax collection is the health of the people. Otherwise, tobacco tax will also sacrifice the environmental governance and medical expenses. In addition, social governance problems brought by e-cigarettes, comprehensive management of e-cigarettes, including taxation, is inevitable.

  In the long run, lookah glass bong review will be taxed, either by balancing the tax or by effectively controlling cigarettes."The healthy China 2030 plan aims to reduce the number of smokers in China from 27 percent to 20 percent by 2030.Specific tax rates should be set not only to account for the fiscal gap that e-cigarettes need to close, but also to build tax leverage based on actual tobacco control goals.

  After October, whatever the level of regulation and tax, the e-cigarette industry is destined to move away from recklessness and into regulation.It's worth noting that smoking, no matter how funny, is bad for your health, not just old cigarettes, but new e-cigarettes as well.

  Cherish your life and stay away from all kinds of "cigarettes", including e-cigarettes.


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