Glass water pipes industry welcomes "national standards"

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  The national standard for lookah glass bong review is a mandatory industry standard, which is supervised by the state tobacco monopoly administration and reported and implemented by TC 144 (national technical committee on tobacco standardization).

  The industry standard was released in October 2007, according to the standardization administration's website.The progress of the project is divided into six stages: online publicity, drafting, consultation, review, approval and release. The project cycle is 24 months.At present, the plan has entered the approval stage, that is, four months before the end of the project.

  According to the world trade organization (wto) of the above-mentioned documents, "electronic cigarettes national standard" chapter seven: "scope, normative quotation documents, terms and definitions, technical requirements, test methods, packaging, tag, specifications, storage and transportation", the "technical requirements" and "packing, marking and specifications" are mandatory, while the other section is recommended.

  Before the introduction of national standards, the domestic e-cigarette industry has no clear policy supervision.The lack of industry standards and policy norms means products are uneven and industries are mixed.The choice of raw materials, use of additives, after-sales service and other aspects of e-cigarette products are arbitrary, quality control and safety supervision is difficult.

  Unclear product classification is the main reason for the lack of specific industry regulations in the water pipes for sale industry.

  Yu lei, general manager of the e-cigarette brand himop and Beijing heimanpu company, told ID: rancaiking, China's regulation of the e-cigarette industry is in a blank state."Batteries are consumer electronics, tobacco oil is food, tobacco bombs have a tobacco function, and e-cigarettes are neither consumer electronics nor medical or tobacco regulation."Just like three.]

  Around the world, e-cigarettes are usually divided into two categories by governments.Sun haiming, founder and CEO of platinum POOLAN e-cigarette, told Burning Finance that medical device products and tobacco products are the dominant international category for e-cigarettes, while a few countries classify e-cigarettes as fast-selling products.

  The e-cigarette industry is experiencing wild growth due to a lack of industry standards.Although capital has entered the bureau, most of it remains on the sidelines.Some investors told Burning Finance that they would not invest in e-cigarettes for now.

  E-cigarette practitioners are identified

  The industry has no standards of its own and e-cigarette practitioners cannot make headway.Once standards are in place, there is no doubt that they will have an impact on the industry.

  Some e-cigarette entrepreneurs on burning finance say it is good for the e-cigarette industry to get policy information from now on and introduce national standards.

  It's a regulation that's good for the industry, and it shows there's no way to stop it."Yiwu qiu, CEO of whale smoke, said to "burning finance."

  "The introduction of national standards shows that e-cigarettes have obtained quasi-life certificates, ranging from 'three products' to standardized products in production and circulation," yu said.

  Tobacco is a typical monopoly industry in China.Chinese tobacco companies have long been overwhelmingly dominant, with a tight grip on everything from the production of raw materials to the sale of finished products.While the international e-cigarette industry is booming, Chinese tobacco companies are also planning the e-cigarette industry.A large amount of private capital has entered, starting from the second half of 2018.

  "The introduction of the national standard marks the legalization of e-cigarette products and the official entry into the historical stage of China," said wu pengfei, director of e-cigarette start-up ruili innovation in shenzhen.This is a kind of affirmation and great significance to the whole e-cigarette industry.

  In terms of specific effects, the national standard for e-cigarettes is the industry norm, not the law.For e-cigarette industry participants, which sector the government regulates is another issue to consider.

  Sun haiming told combustion finance that the director of the state tobacco monopoly administration (stma) went to platinum land in Poland in April this year and said it was only a matter of time before Chinese tobacco was allowed to enter the administration on a large scale.Now that China is more or less settled and e-cigarettes will come under the control of the tobacco ministry, the state tobacco monopoly administration has been actively studying them.

  Currently, the food and drug administration (FDA) regulates lookah glass bongs in the United States and the department of public health (Phe) in the United Kingdom.Yu lei believes that the ministry of health manages health issues, and the general administration for market supervision is responsible for production and circulation, which is a reasonable state, but there are relatively few cases in which stakeholders set relevant standards.

  Wu pengfei believes that from the drafting process of the national standard for e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes are more likely to be included in the state tobacco monopoly administration, because the standard is set by the state tobacco monopoly administration, and most of the experts involved in the formulation process are tobacco experts. The whole system still refers to the tobacco system, but the authorities have not made a statement.


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