The glass pipes industry is highly competitive


  Wang qing, an e-cigarette entrepreneur, stood in front of a convenience store and punched him in the chest.

  I have negotiated an entrance fee of 500,000 with this convenience store chain.All of a sudden, he got an entrance fee of one million  dollars.

  After the war, convenience stores, nightclubs and shopping malls became must-haves for lookah dab rig brands, and competition was fierce.

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  Even store models that were once unpopular with brands have become popular."Many founders came to us immediately after the policy was announced, and as long as they could be stationed in shopping malls, 3C stores, even collections stores, they would miss out on the pursuit of not having access to services."Andy Borez, founder of Borez, told Tech Planet (WeChat ID: Tech 618).

  The franchise store is the first brand of the game, the small brand can only catch offline under the collection store, the first clearance.Entrepreneur li meng explains why he now supports the store.

  On the other hand, it is not easy to do e-cigarettes on the head as a specialty store.

  First, we should be responsible to the existing shopkeepers.Since the policy was introduced, sellers have been skeptical about the business's ability to make money and sustain it for a long time.The brand side must set up channel merchants to answer questions 24 hours a day in order to dispel the seller's doubts and emotions.

  Many businesses do not charge subscription fees, although a few do, but it is understood that the price is not high.Yooz founder CAI yuedong admitted that there is no subscription fee for the franchise.At the same time, it will provide high subsidies to stores."As long as you drive to the mall, the maximum subsidy is two months 'rent, in the form of merchandise.

  CAI yuedong, founder of Yooz

  His experience is that malls have a strict threshold for bamboo water pipe entry, and they will offer concessionaires comprehensive benefits from store decoration, containers and commodities.

  "Planet of science and technology" (WeChat ID: Tech 618) visited the offline shopping mall and found fierce competition among e-cigarette brands in the busy traffic enterprises, whether it is tianjie in Beijing changtan or huamao shopping mall.Take longlian tianjie as an example, the second floor is the counter of Yooz, and the counter of yue is located on the third floor.Within an hour, orders were empty.

  There are also early offline e-cigarette enterprises, firearms (ammunition) founder fan jingyu is one of them.In order to highlight the siege of this product, he and his team chose to carry out research and repair on this product for half a year, which eventually led to the late entry of the product.

  Fortunately, instead of wasting his energy online, he focused on the then-uncrowded offline market.

  In June, the cost of receiving customers offline was lower than online, at 12 yuan per person and nearly 50 yuan online, he said.

  Their team has p&g partners, so they know more about the channel.Therefore, firearms (ammunition) not only contribute to the mainland's offline market, but also have a presence in Hong Kong, mainland China and foreign markets.Mr Fan notes that his store in Hong Kong can turn over hk $500,000 a month and will return the money the following month.

  After the introduction of the policy, they are faced with greater market competition. They used to be a fixed channel of cooperation, but they were even dug out by their competitors and signed an exclusive agreement on the condition of equal exchange of all commodities and an additional subsidy of 1 million yuan in cash.This has led to an increase in offline passenger fees.At present, the cost for an offline user to receive customers is close to 20 yuan.

  When it comes to e-cigarettes, many people call them "ichthyosaur hybrids."Because the players in the game are uneven.In the background, some people are good at playing on the Internet, some have access to resources, and some are speculators chasing the wind.In terms of style, some people sell things in a down-to-earth way, some are good at marketing, others are wild roads.

  After the introduction of the policy, channel resources have become the core force of the unified water pipes for sale competition, which has a lot of significance for those who have the opportunity to enter the world.

  There was a time when people with channel resources and channel experience became very popular.Liu gang, co-founder of ruigang, worked on a startup called offline convenience store. He was asked to consult offline games after the policy was announced. Millions of people wanted access to the tens of thousands of offline convenience stores he owns, but his brand was also snapped up at a high price.

  While the outside world has long trumpeted e-cigarettes as a lucrative industry, e-cigarette brand li guang never felt this before his offline channels became valuable.

  In mid-november, five e-cigarette brands approached him and he said, "I'll give you another million dollars if he can get his brand out of the way.It was only then that he became truly aware of the alleged profiteering.

  The e-cigarette industry's offline war is on a par with the 100 league wars of the year, with the meaning of "100 smoke wars ", full of magic.


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