Both ends of the dab water pipes market scale


  Before CAI yuedong became Yooz, another identity is the founder of the same uncle, he left the scene with 178 million highlights.The first startup experience was perfect.

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  Turning to the lookah seahorse coil battlefield has paid a lot of tuition fees so far.Almost a hundred million dollars."CAI said he has no regrets about paying for his education.People have a better understanding and awe of business.

  Some people in the industry think CAI yuedong is a young man with good Internet thinking.I don't know much about it."As a result, "he's anxious now. After all, Yooz used to rely on WeChat sales.

  CAI yuedong denied that "Yooz's WeChat sales channel was completely offline after online sales were banned. We started to launch offline channels in May this year.According to TechPlanet (WeChat ID: Technology 618), Yooz opened a total of 300 offline stores between may and October 2019, and more than 100 within two months of the policy's introduction.At that pace, some in the industry speculated that Yooz wanted to buy quickly to raise money.

  Under the wind, there will be just as many stories.There are serial entrepreneurs who pay high tuition fees, but there are also examples of making money through the channels.

  Li yunyang, 23, is a typical founder of qinglan.He went from setting up an e-cigarette company in shenzhen with 20,000 yuan to valuing the company at 60 million yuan, and got investment from yao ji poker, but it only took him half a year.

  Li yunyang, a veteran without a college education, was unfamiliar with concepts such as e-cigarette tuyere before starting an Internet business.After retiring, he opened a coffee shop in his native liaoning province.Seeing how well lookah glass bong review were selling in the store, he changed his mind about starting a business with e-cigarettes.

  He knew nothing about the process of starting an e-cigarette business or how to raise money, and he came to shenzhen alone.Luckily, he was introduced by a friend to Borez's founder, Andy.Borreze is a service platform for the e-cigarette industry. It helps e-cigarette practitioners to reduce the start-up cost by integrating the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the industry and integrating technical services into stock or capital.

  At first, Andy was not very optimistic about li yunyang and did not promise to invest in him.But Mr. Li lobbied with Mr. Andy every day, and Mr. Borrez was ready to support his first brand to prove his platform's ability, promising to help Mr. Li build an e-cigarette brand.

  Looking back on the development of qinglan, the background experience of li yunyang and team partners has played an important role.Despite their sloppy origins, they have strong offline channels of control.Mr. Li himself has many channels in his native liaoning province, and other partners were born from the offline channel of mobile phones.We haven't experienced much offline price competition.Most of us will go into offline 3C stores, there will be no entry fee, there will be some other ways to get in, but that's not to say.Li yunyang told techplanet.

  Mr. Li was calm about the surge in wealth, and his initial expectation of entering the industry was a net profit of tens of millions of dollars."That hasn't been achieved yet, but he is optimistic about the industry's prospects.""E-cigarettes are sure to be very popular."So I will continue to do that. I will not leave.

  According to the state tobacco monopoly administration, China's tobacco industry's annual industrial and commercial profits reached 115.56 trillion yuan in 2018, with more than 300 million smokers in the country.Those with a positive attitude towards e-cigarettes believe they could be potential users.

  Liu thinks e-cigarettes are a good business."In the next five to ten years, e-cigarettes will definitely replace traditional tobacco."Joining the national team also gave him a lot of confidence.Recently, he learned that a number of local tobacco councils had visited bolton and were discussing a partnership to "heat up, not burn e-cigarettes."That means the spring of e-cigarettes is just around the corner.

  Meanwhile, Borez's Andy is determined to walk on two legs as they look to apply the core fogging technology of water pipes for sale to big health.Cough spray, skincare evaporator, "which will be their expected market next year."

  Zhang dong, an investor, believes there will be no consolidation in the e-cigarette industry in the short term.Just like traditional tobacco, there are many brands co-existing."But huang ping, an industry publicist, heard that the small brand was not so optimistic. "there are investors who want to invest in the merger of the two companies, but the strong ones don't want to be the takers.

  The story continues, and after the bubble, each brand grabs the lifeline offline, ready to wind up with the other.It's no more brutal offline than online, and the money received during the tuyere can help these e-cigarette companies prepare for the next uneventful winter of grain and grass, which is quite a challenge.


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