Young people's first puff comes from lookah seahorse pro


  Many international cohort studies have consistently shown a strong correlation between teens' use of lookah seahorse pro and subsequent smoking, highlighting the 'portal effect' of lookah seahorse pro.

  Lookah seahorse pro is stylish, healthy, easy to buy and can even be ordered online and delivered to your door, making it the first cigarette for many teens."In China, about 10 million people aged 15 and older use lookah seahorse pro.The vast majority of lookah seahorse pro is used by young people, with smoking rates highest in the 15-24 age group.Now, lookah seahorse pro is available primarily via the Internet, at 45.4 percent."

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  The identification of nicotine levels in lookah bongs is also problematic.At the workshop, kobashi showed the results of a set of lookah bongs oil with a nicotine content of 35.69 mg/ml for 20 mg of the standard nicotine lookah bongs oil, and 535.3 mg by volume for the total nicotine content of the lookah bongs oil.Nicotine has a toxic dose, but the label is not allowed.The concept of theft can easily lead consumers to overuse of nicotine, which can be life-threatening."

  In addition to nicotine, many of the aerosols released by e-cigarettes are harmful carcinogens."Lookah seahorse pro, for example, now on the market, is well known for detecting formaldehyde.In addition, lookah seahorse pro manufacturers add additives and seasonings to liquid cigarettes to make them more attractive.The health risks of these substances after heating have yet to be assessed."Kobayashi said.

  Lookah glass bong has a significant impact on adolescent health, and officials said that nicotine exposure in adolescents can have long-term adverse effects on brain development, leading to learning disabilities and anxiety disorders, as well as an increased risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and smoking-related diseases.


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