Lookah glass was killed in one line, "and under pressure from alibaba, they were forced to pull all


  Double 11.11 is hot, and many are eager to try, but for the lookah glass industry, the party is suddenly over.

  First, starting November 1, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the state administration of market supervision issued a notice requiring the closure of lookah glassgrass online sales channels.Three days later, the state tobacco monopoly administration specially deployed lookah glass for supervision and interviewed major e-commerce platforms, and on Nov. 7, the national health commission and other eight departments issued another notice, specifying that local tobacco-control legislation actively promotes e-smoking in public places.

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  Alibaba posted a statement on its official Tmall website today, saying it will now remove e-cigarette products from its shelves as required by regulations.Currently, taobao searches for "e-cigarettes", brand names and other keywords do not show any related goods or services.Similarly, e-commerce platforms such as and pinduoduo have been removed from the shelves of all e-cigarette products.

  In fact, the storm began across the Pacific Ocean, where, as of Oct. 29, 2019, according to the food and drug administration, jet water pipes had caused lung infections in 1888 people and 37 deaths.

  If you are curious about the introduction of jet water pipes products, you may see some domestic companies blowing lookah glass into the drug, claiming that lookah glass is "healthy and harmless" and "lung cleansing and detoxification".You may have read other popular science articles in China, some of which even claim that "lookah glass causes seven times more cancer than cigarettes!.

  In fact, lookah bong isn't completely harmless, but it's smaller than a cigarette, and lookah bong's ability to quit is controversial.

  Finally, a final user complained about lookah bong: "isn't it a contradiction that the AD says it's safer than shiitake mushroom?When you buy it, does the product description claim that it might still be bad for your health?Yes, the cigarette industry has always been such a contradiction!


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