Why does the UK support the continuous water pipes online wave?


  In recent years, water pipes online has been controversial, especially since the exposure of water pipes online on March 15 last year, from the outbreak of lung disease caused by water pipes online in the us, to the smoking ban issued by the trump administration, to China's policy of banning the sale of water pipes online on the Internet.Finally, the whole water pipes online industry fell into a downturn.

  Why is the UK government so supportive of water pipes online?

  First, it comes from an independent review.In 2015, the England Public Health Authority reported that water pipes online was 95% safer for users than regular tobacco and helped tens of thousands of smokers quit.Since then, the data have been widely publicized by the UK government and health authorities and have become a powerful tool for promoting water pipes online instead of plain tobacco.The UK government has asked public health England to update its safety assessment of water pipes online every year until 2022, but so far the annual report "supports" the effectiveness of water pipes online as a good drug for smoking cessation.Britain's latest public health report says there is at least one.Three million people are now totally addicted to water pipes online, as officials continue to support efforts to reduce tobacco hazards through water pipes online.

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  Second, the support and advocacy of the British medical community."In the UK, water pipes online exists as a drug, which makes it embark on a completely different path from the beginning.The royal college of physicians has made it clear to doctors to promote water pipes online as widely as possible to those who want to stop smoking."Public health England recommends that the risks from water pipes online account for only a small proportion of smoking risks.In 2018, the UK began to allow hospitals to sell water pipes online and provide patients with water pipes online lounges to encourage users to switch from traditional cigarettes to water pipes online and eventually quit smoking.Water pipes online is also known as a "public health necessity" at two of the largest medical institutions in the north of England and faces a 50 GB fine for smoking in smoking areas to promote the spread of water pipes online.In particular, Dr John britton, director of the UK centre for tobacco and alcohol research, said: "the us response to the us policy on water pipes online was' total madness '.The reality of smoking is that if you tell people to stop smoking water pipes online, they will go back to the tobacco industry and tobacco will kill people.

  Why is the British council so indifferent to the dangers of lookah glass?

  In the UK, there are a number of institutions and researchers who have been engaged in cigarette research for a long time, as well as those who specialize in the effects of e-cigarettes on the human body.The researchers are well aware of the dangers of water pipes online and call for lookah glass to be treated with scepticism.However, there is no indication that the UK government intends to change its position on water pipes online, as the government and the health bureau are convinced that water pipes online plays an important role in the elimination of traditional tobacco.However, the controversy and concern over lookah glass in the UK has not gone away.

  According to a study published last year by researchers at the UniversityofBirmingham in the UK, long-term e-smoking can lead to the loss of important immune cells in the body, and water pipes online may be wrong about human safety.

  The UK health authorities agree that lookah glass is not without risks.But it said lookah glass, as a drug, was made and sold in the UK under very detailed rules.Such as:

  Lookah glass is typically sold at the tobacco counter in supermarkets, specialty stores and pharmacies.Minors under the age of 18 May not use it, and vendors may require consumers to produce identification documents to prove their age.

  There are also clear restrictions on the advertising of water pipes online.In the UK, television, radio, newspapers, periodicals, websites and email are not allowed to advertise directly or indirectly for water pipes online.

  Therefore, thanks to these detailed industry regulations, the water pipes online market in the UK has maintained a "healthy development" and provided the authorities and the government with the power to support e-cigarettes.

  In a recent statement on its official twitter account, public health England said: "water pipes online is not completely risk-free, but it is far less harmful than regular cigarettes.It can be confirmed that the UK authorities' views on water pipes online remain unchanged.

  However, some British media have revealed that some retailers are selling glass bong king to minors without checking their credentials, which has caused concern.There are also a number of safety accidents among smokers in the UK.Last November, a young man in the UK nearly died of severe respiratory failure after prolonged use of glass bong king.Recently, a glass bong king exploded in a British man's trousers pocket, causing him to suffer three burns on his legs.These safety stories make more people aware of the potential dangers of glass bong king.


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