Boston university professor: if more smokers switched to lookah seahorse pro, the coronavirus death


  Recently, leading us media outlet insidersourCES reported that if more smokers switched to lookah seahorse pro, the coronavirus death rate could be effectively reduced.In the report, several health experts said that mixing cigarettes with lookah seahorse pro was pseudoscience and that smoking could seriously affect the body's ability to heal itself, but there was no evidence that lookah seahorse pro had the same effect.

  Since the outbreak in the us, many activist groups have tried to use the outbreak to ban lookah seahorse pro on the grounds that smokers would be more vulnerable to novel coronavirus, but many medical experts have questioned this.

  Smoking is an addictive behavior, not only because of nicotine, but also because of psychology.People are under so much pressure in this epidemic that it is absurd to force them to give up smoking quickly.MichaelSiegel, a professor at the Boston university school of public health.

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  Siegel, who has worked to reduce smoking throughout his career, insists on a gentler approach rather than a mandatory ban.

  Antismoking advocates want every smoker to say "no" to cigarettes. This is a battle that will never be won.No doubt, if more people supported lookah seahorse pro than opposed them, and encouraged more smokers to switch to lookah seahorse pro, the death rate from covid-19 would be lower today.

  INSIDESOURCES says the public is wrong to equate cigarettes with lookah bongs and think they do the same harm.

  RiccardoPolosa, an Italian medical researcher and former President of the Italian anti-smoking coalition, has publicly corrected this view.When the mayor of New York City said that cigarettes or lookah seahorse pro had a negative effect on the coronavirus, Riccardo retorted on Twitter: "where is the evidence that lookah bongs are harmful to the coronavirus?"Please don't confuse lookah bongs with cigarettes.Please find out the facts, Mr. Mayor!

  Smoking can suppress wounds and increase the risk of infection, so most surgeons ask patients to stop smoking before surgery, but there is no evidence that lookah seahorse pro has the same effect.The idea that the use of lookah seahorse pro will worsen the coronavirus is a guess.Professor siegel said.

  SallySatel, a visiting professor at Columbia University's irvine medical center, agrees.Thousands of smokers have been using lookah seahorse pro for at least a decade.Looking back at the data, none of these lookah seahorse pro users have seen significant lung damage. In the long run, lookah seahorse pro may cause lung damage, but it's safe to say that lookah seahorse pro is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

  Available data show that about 2.5 million smokers have quit with the help of lookah glass bongs or other similar technologies.Health experts such as siegel believe the goal of anti-tobacco groups should be to prevent as many smokers as possible from using traditional cigarettes, rather than the use of lookah glass bongs.

  Looking back, focusing on fighting lookah glass bongs was really bad for us.Imagine if, in the past, not just 2.5 million people replaced their cigarettes with lookah glass bongs, but 3 million, 4 million, 5 million or more.Well, in today's new coronavirus epidemic, we'll be calmer."Siegel told reporters.


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