Is there a historical cycle in the development of glass pipes industry?


  In 2002, Hanli, a serious quitter, looked for a way to get nicotine in without absorbing the other harmful substances in cigarettes.He tried to put a nicotine pill on his belly button before going to bed at night, but he was constantly woken by nightmares and sweating all over.It wasn't until 2003 that he developed and registered the world's first mass-produced lookah glass bong review products, such as cigarettes.

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  At that time, han didn't think that if tobacco sold 1 billion yuan a year and 300,000 yuan in the future, it would become the "smoke of the past" in the market 16 years later when e-cigarettes appeared.

  In early 2019, e-cigarettes became another hot spot for venture capital after blockchain.It's not hard to remember when digital money first started, with the influx of hot money and frantic development.

  Unfortunately, even now, like smoggy smog, the e-cigarette industry is struggling to navigate a mountain of health issues and regulation.

  On June 26, shenzhen passed a new smoking ban and formally blacklisted e-cigarettes from tobacco control.The law will take effect on October 1.As a result, shenzhen has become another city where Hong Kong, macau and hangzhou have banned e-cigarettes.

  Go back four months.At 315 meetings, CCTV exposed e-cigarettes linked to nicotine addiction and excessive levels of formaldehyde.For a while, e-cigarettes were once again the focus of controversy.Before that, if cigarettes were to be withdrawn from the Chinese market, then "news 30" exposed the effects of quitting smoking and encountered helplessness under the crisis of confidence.

  Investors seem to be more cautious than entrepreneurs rushing into the lookah glass dab rig orbit.The barriers to entry for e-cigarettes are not high and the homogeneity is very serious."According to Lin shao (not his real name), general manager of an investment firm in hangzhou, the e-cigarette industry is still in its infancy.With the beginning of the price war, there will be polarization in the future.

  On the morning of July 10, bitcoin returned to $13,000, a two-week high.Will the long-silent blockchain ever return?This e-cigarette with two mountains falling through the air?The race track is very competitive. How should e-cigarette companies avoid the same mistakes?

  Block chain + electronic tuyere duet

  What few people may know is that early e-cigarettes had a brief association with neighborhood chains.In the second half of 2017, many people in the wholesale e-cigarette business started neighborhood chains.Husa, one of China's first e-cigarette players, told the IT times.

  Hu recalled that in 2017, many e-cigarette wholesalers started to switch to the "pyramid scheme coin" program, and a friend named "I'm a clown" even browsed the screen in his circle of friends every day.They all hung up the registration link for certain block chains.Wholesalers have people who can pull people and make money.If they sign up for an account, they will have the money to accept it.If a new member buys a coin, he also gets a tiered rebate.

  Playing drums and sending flowers to make money "is a dream interwoven with greed and desire.When I woke up, the framework was set on September 4, 2017.On that day, the ICO was canceled, and since then, the pyramid of pyramid selling COINS and airline COINS has become weaker and weaker.Husa's friends are finally back in business.Husa did not know how much money his friends had lost.For a long time, they did not mention the chain.

  But what they didn't realize was that when the lookah dab rig and the block chain meet again, it's because the wind blows again.

  From 2012 to the first half of last year, Mr. Hussa's circle was still filled with smoke-filled e-cigarettes, the bigger the better.

  Since 2015, the DIY trend of homemade e-cigarettes has become popular and formed a subculture circle.Wrap hot wire into the volume you need, attach the base of the e-cigarette atomizer, hold the positive and negative terminals in place, fill it with cotton and soot, and you can design your own e-cigarette.

  In the player's eyes, the same smoky oil, under different resistance, different heating areas of the hot wire, will stimulate different taste.It's the fun of DIY.

  Huza acknowledges that e-cigarettes are a niche market.E-cigarettes are "electronics," he said, while today's popular small cigarettes are more of a "daily necessity."Today, the public refers more to e-cigarettes and more to small cigarettes.The hottest iQOS is classified as heated non-combustible tobacco.

  Two years ago, qiu yiwu, who never smoked, also focused on the market.He is still hesitating whether to take the first step.IQOS makes tobacco, we can't do that, great tobacco e-cigarettes are a niche market, and there won't be so many in the future.


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