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  In fact, the earliest e-cigarettes were probably invented in China.At that time, "like smoke" can be said to be very popular, but this product really can only be called "smoke", because there is no way to replace tobacco, also can't stop smoking.In fact, the core point is that there are various reasons not to carry enough nicotine."The fact is that the development of lookah dab rig has been driven by advances in technology, in battery levels, in manufacturing processes and, of course, in nicotine solutions."With the support of various progress, the opportunity of industrial upgrading comes quietly.And overseas markets are definitely growing faster. For example, silicon valley startup Juul has created a sales and valuation miracle, which is $1 a year."Three million people per person suggests that the tobacco industry is starting to ignite a prairie fire, and back in China, the tobacco market, a multi-trillion-dollar market, will of course become even hotter.

  Platinum is a brand in the United States, which has entered the overseas market from the very beginning. It can be said that platinum is the pioneer of the e-cigarette industry and the leader of the e-cigarette industry, and has been synonymous with high-end e-cigarette products.Platinum started to explore the Chinese market in 2016. The new product released this time is a new disposable cigarette with a lower price. Both in terms of price and experience, it has become more accessible to the people and more in line with the consumption and use habits of the Chinese market."Wang Zeqi, chairman and chief executive, said in an interview, starting this year, will start the platinum products focus to elastic products and existing products, and from the big chimney smoke, oil to bomb change, this is the result of repeated use of technical progress and users, including nicotine salt technology development, the improved small cigarette taste and experience."From the overall market environment, the gap between e-cigarettes and cigarettes is still large.E-cigarette is more like an electronic product of market trend, which is different from the unity of ordinary cigarette.Users still have high requirements on the appearance design, convenience and fashion sense of e-cigarette products, which also promotes the continuous progress of e-cigarette enterprises.

  Low threshold production, high threshold industry

  "The reason why the e-cigarette market is so hot, and why so many people want to mix it up, is that the production threshold is relatively low. There is a relatively complete supply chain in shenzhen, which can easily produce their own brand of lookah glass rig."However, it must be pointed out that such contractual participation still lacks soul, such as some oil leakage problems, heating problems, living problems, etc., which can only be solved by upgrading the supply chain, let alone making its own characteristics and characteristics.At this time, platinum believes that, in fact, the threshold of this industry is still very high, but the production threshold is relatively low, ODM or OEM is difficult to form a long-term competitiveness, whether it is the design of the e-cigarette itself, or the development of the cigarette oil, in fact, is a very technical thing.

  Platinum has the best understanding of the e-cigarette research and design team in the industry, as well as a large accumulation of core technologies and talents, such as Bob, director of cigarette oil research and development.Bobspircoff was a technical director at Johnson creek.However, platinum company's tobacco oil is fully developed, produced by itself and not commissioned by factories, so as to guarantee the uniqueness and quality of the products.This time, for example, platinum launched a new line of Bling ready-made e-cigarettes using a 330 mA battery and 2."5 ml of soot.Compare it to the current 1.0 ml 1 or less.There are 5 milliliters of the same product on the market and the smoke of the new brin is at least 67 percent.This is actually an experience of research and development power, because such a high oil content technology would normally become a high probability event.For example, the raw material and origin of tobacco oil come from the world's top suppliers, and the most important nicotine purity, platinum has been used 99 nicotine, while most traditional use is 95 nicotine.Nature is very different in taste.

  The technical coverage of this product is quite comprehensive, from the smoke tank to the atomizer, and then to the core cooperation has a unique technical content, such as this revolutionary laser buried honeycomb multi-stage atomization technology, is to achieve a comprehensive and complete atomization guarantee, it can be said, as long as you look at the configuration has achieved a leading position in the world.

  Therefore, this new Bling, a small but not simple fat buddha glass, is full of the cutting-edge technology of the e-cigarette industry, so it is natural to get an excellent user experience, which also continues platinum's consistent high-end quality level.What's more, the product can arguably get a boost without raising ticket prices, which are still an industry average of $49.Competitiveness, so to speak, is coming.


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