After the national standard of glass pipes comes out, it will usher in new opportunities


  It is worth mentioning that the national e-cigarette standard is finally about to be released, which will bring two minimal effects, one is the standardization of the e-cigarette industry, and the other is the exit of small brands.Because the national standard was meant to set some threshold, it was difficult for Kenny, who lacked the technical and design team, to reach that threshold and purify the industry."Once you get rid of some of the almost fake brands, you can really create a healthy competitive environment."This will obviously provide a better opportunity for high-end products such as platinum to grow, thereby reducing a lot of the noise that can affect development."For consumers, the experience is clearly the most critical part of lookah glass bongs.I've seen a lot of people try several or even a dozen brands of e-cigarettes to find what they think is the best brand.Therefore, the elite and high-end, or relatively clear development direction, especially through clear and transparent legal rules, the low-cost shanzhai competition will be completely suppressed.

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  It is more friendly to the people and more in line with the consumption and use habits of the Chinese market.Platinum Wang Zeqi, chairman and chief executive said in an interview, starting this year, will start the platinum products focus to elastic products and existing products, and from large flue cigarettes, injection to bomb substitute, this is the result of repeated use of technical progress and users, including nicotine salt technology development, the improved small cigarette taste and experience.From the overall market environment, the gap between e-cigarettes and cigarettes is still large.E-cigarette is more like an electronic product of market trend, which is different from the unity of ordinary cigarette.Users still have high requirements on the appearance design, convenience and fashion sense of e-cigarette products, which also promotes the continuous progress of e-cigarette enterprises.

  Low threshold production, a thing of high threshold industry.

  Platinum has the best understanding of the lookah glass bong research and design team in the industry, as well as a large accumulation of core technologies and talents, such as Bob, director of cigarette oil research and development.Bobspircoff was a technical director at Johnson creek.However, platinum company's tobacco oil is fully developed, produced by itself and not commissioned by factories, so as to guarantee the uniqueness and quality of the products.This time, for example, platinum launched a new line of Bling ready-made e-cigarettes using a 330 mA battery and 2."5 ml of soot.Compare it to the current 1.0 ml 1 or less.There are 5 milliliters of the same product on the market and the smoke of the new brin is at least 67 percent.This is actually an experience of research and development power, because such a high oil content technology would normally become a high probability event.For example, the raw material and origin of tobacco oil come from the world's top suppliers, and the most important nicotine purity, platinum has been used 99 nicotine, while most traditional use is 95 nicotine.Nature is very different in taste.

  The technical coverage of this product is quite comprehensive, from the smoke tank to the atomizer, and then to the core cooperation has a unique technical content, such as this revolutionary laser buried honeycomb multi-stage atomization technology, is to achieve a comprehensive and complete atomization guarantee, it can be said, as long as you look at the configuration has achieved a leading position in the world.

  So this small, not simple, ready-to-use lookah glass bong review, the new Bling, is full of the cutting edge technology of the e-cigarette industry, and of course it can reach a remarkable audience.

  National standards will give electronic atomized cigarettes a clear position in the industry and ensure that e-cigarettes are neither tobacco nor drugs, thus making the direction of the industry clearer.At the same time, disinformation and exaggeration of various unbalanced products will be greatly reduced. Platinum has always followed the fda's e-cigarette standard.

  I think this is doomed to the fate of the tuyere enterprises in the absence of rules, in clear rules, there will be a big wave surge and the grains of sand, eventually leave enterprise will continue to be a product of leading enterprises, after all, the use of this product is indeed a different experience, only those who personally trying a number of products, to understand the key to the industry."I believe platinum's high standard and product strength may bring some cost pressure in the short term, but in the long run, it is the core competitiveness.

  Because penetration of e-cigarettes in China is still relatively low, probably less than 1 percent, and because of various traditional issues, platinum thinks the eventual market share could be as high as 10 percent.It's already a very big market in the global market and it's going to be a very good market.The positioning of e-cigarette technology will not change much, and platinum aims to be the ultimate winner in the industry.


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