Electronic bio water pipes will eventually rise

  [02-2019 Monday-Macao News] The 8th "glass pipes Control and Health" Inter-school Question and Answer Series is sponsored by Macao Healthy Living Smokeless Zone Association and held a press conference today. The theme of this series of activities is "healthy development towards the big bay area". the aim is to promote exchanges and learning between young people in Guangdong and Macao and give full play to the influence of peer role models. Chen Yajing, director-general of the association, said last year's data showed that more than 16% of young people had smoked hand blown glass pipes, and more than 40% of them did not smoke, which showed that hand blown glass pipes are very attractive to young people. Coupled with the false propaganda of smokers, the authorities should step up education and regulate electronic cigarettes.

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  Hand blown glass pipes surveillance

  The Macao Smokeless District Healthy Living Association held a press conference today for the 8th "glass pipes Control and Health" Inter-school Quiz.

  The press conference was held on the fifth floor of the Fortune Center, attended by Cai Tiantian, president of the Macao Smokeless District Healthy Living Association, Liang Gaogang, vice president, and Ye Weicheng, vice chairman of the activity preparatory committee.


  48 teams participate in intercollegiate tobacco control quiz

  According to reports, a series of activities include the "glass pipes Control and Health" intercollegiate question-and-answer competition held on October 27 this year at the student activity center of the University of Macao. Organizers responded positively to the development strategy of the national bay area, strengthened educational and cultural exchanges in the bay area, invited youth representatives from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai to participate in the competition, strengthened understanding of the hazards of glass pipes, especially hand blown glass pipes, fully exerted the influence of peer model, and promoted the spread of smokeless culture. It is expected that 48 teams will be recruited at this session, and all participants will be awarded the title of "glass pipes Control Young Pioneer". After the competition, the pioneers will organize a "big bay area study group" to visit high-tech and broaden their horizons.

  In addition, the roving exhibition of glass pipes Hazard Information and glass pipes Control Regulations will also introduce electronic interactive facilities to display knowledge about the hazards of traditional glass pipes and electronic cigarettes in combination with new elements of online social platforms. "Starting from October this year, the roving exhibition will be held in three youth centers under the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, namely, the Spring Youth Activity Center, the Pacific Education Activity Center and the Lakeside Comprehensive Activity Center. Meanwhile, the "WeChat Award Question and Answer" will be held from now until October 20. Members of the public only need to correctly answer five questions about the hazards of glass pipes and the glass pipes control legislation before they can participate in the drawing of lots.

  In an interview, Stephen Ip said that the tobacco control work in Hong Kong has achieved remarkable results, and suggested to continue to strengthen education and promote anti-smoking information at various control points in Hong Kong. He also said that he was more concerned about the threat of hand blown glass pipes to young Australians and the influence of peers. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity of banning smoking in schools. He also believes that Australia is absolutely capable of promoting a total ban on smoking. The time is ripe, but before it is implemented, it must still balance the opinions of all sectors of society.

  Chen Yajing added that the proportion of teenagers using hand blown glass pipes in 2015 was 2. 6%, close to cigarettes. The association randomly visited about 400 students from 10 schools in Hong Kong last year and found 16 students. 2% of the interviewees said they had smoked hand blown glass pipes, 43 of which. 5% of people have never smoked in the past, which shows that hand blown glass pipes are more attractive to young people. In addition, it is also easy to buy hand blown glass pipes from nearby areas due to the false propaganda of hand blown glass pipes dealers, including misleading information such as helping to quit smoking and reducing hazards. The government believes that the government should strengthen the control of electronic cigarette circulation channels.


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