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  Fox News reported on September 5 that former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) director ScottGottlieb continued to accuse the proliferation of counterfeit glass pipes hand blown products after such incidents among teenagers.

  Legal procedures have been actively regulated by FDA since August 2017. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has conducted thousands of inspections of manufacturers and glass pipes hand blown stores, issued production guidelines, and sought customs clearance for products. These tragedies point to illegal glass pipes hand blown and THC. "ScottGottlieb, a former FDA commissioner, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night.

  However, a spokesman for the American Lung Association said it was too early to judge whether the fake glass pipes hand blown should be blamed.

  As of last week, the centers for disease control and prevention had recorded 193 cases of potentially serious lung diseases related to glasspipes handblow. These cases were recorded in 22 states from June 28 to August 20, prompting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate.

  Although we fully respect former FDA Director gottlieb, I think it is too early to speculate on the cause or cause. I firmly believe that FDA did not postpone the supervision of these products in July 2017.

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  ErikaSward, spokesman for the American Lung Association, told Fox that their position would be very different from what we are today.

  Gottlieb became director of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2017. Sward accused him of calling it "the crazy glass pipes hand blown market in the west."

  When it comes to counterfeit cigarettes, the tobacco industry has always been willing to let go. The most important thing is that glass pipes hand blown is not safe. From the perspective of the American Lung Association, no one should use glass pipes hand blown. Seward said.

  According to NBC News, before leaving FDA in April, gottlieb said the manufacturer must be responsible. Glasspipes handblow must submit an application to FDA before may 2020 to decide who can continue to sell their products.

  I think that if their products are used, the manufacturers will be guilty, regardless of whether the liquid is fake or real. Finally, they have the responsibility to take the product away from the child, "he said.

  Meanwhile, Kevin Burns, chief executive of the glass pipes hand blown giant Juul, said the surge in serious lung diseases among teenagers and young people was "worrying," but added that investigators should consider the risk of finding THC in the THC process.


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