Can the electronic water pipes, which is in trouble, still become a tuyere?

  According to Fox News, smoking water pipes for smoking can also harm your teeth, according to research.

  Americans smoke less frequently than ever before, but this does not mean that cigarettes are completely out of trouble.

  In recent years, atomization equipment (also known as water pipes for smoking) has become popular. The leading market leader is Juul, whose market share in the United States is close to 3/4. From 2017 to 2018, Juul's sales increased by nearly 800%.

  Although at first glance these devices seem healthier than smoking, they pose many of the same risks, even some new ones.

  Since last month, federal officials have reported more than 400 cases of serious lung diseases, which may be related to the use of water pipes for smoking.

  Dr. BarbaraKeber, President of Family Medicine at Glen Cove Hospital in new york, told Healthline that the situation was serious.

  Many of these people actually suffer from this severe ventilator-based disease. "She said." Most of them are actually teenagers, using water pipes for smoking or electronic nicotine instead of smoking.

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  Your family doctor may tell you that smoking is an addictive habit and harmful to your health.

  At the same time, your dentist may want to know why it is harmful to your teeth.

  Like cigarettes, water pipes for smoking fog atomization devices, such as yoel or others, are harmful to oral health. These devices will do some harm to your teeth.

  Gingivitis: This oral disease can cause gingival inflammation. If it is not treated, it may develop to a more serious state. One of the most common symptoms is halitosis.

  Dr HeatherKunen, co-founder of BeamStreet Dental Clinic in new york, told Healthline that nicotine constricts blood vessels and prevents healthy blood flow.

  This means that smoking (or smoking) may lead to the development of gum inflammation, "she said.

  When persuading young people to stay away from nicotine, Cunin said that she usually used their vanity to explain how gum inflammation would affect them.

  I told them that if they continued smoking or water pipes for smoking, they would have a greater risk of losing their teeth. "she said.

  Periodontal disease: Periodontal disease or gum disease is a higher stage of gum inflammation, characterized by tissue problems around teeth.

  Keber told Healthline that vaporized nicotine forms a breeding ground for bacteria in the gums.

  The decomposition of these products will certainly soften and degrade the glaze. "She explained," This is part of it. "But these products also adhere to saliva in the mouth, actually precipitating bacteria in small cracks between teeth. It increases the bacteria in the oral cavity and gives way to gum disease.

  When gingivitis and periodontitis cannot be controlled, teeth will fall off. In fact, periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss.

  Dental caries and oral pain: both are caused by dry mouth. Atomization is a major risk factor because steam can affect oral conditions.

  We don't know what all the ingredients in the liquid used to vaporize nicotine are, "Keber said." however, one of the known ingredients in vaporized liquid is propylene glycol, which is similar to the ingredients in antifreeze. "Once evaporated, some very harmful products will be produced.

  Propylene glycol restricts moisture by combining moisture in the mouth. This can lead to dry mouth and dry throat, both of which can lead to tooth decay and oral pain.

  These chemicals also have another way to soften the enamel on teeth, which also helps to produce side effects.

  Enamel softening increases the risk of dental caries or cavities. "Cunin said.

  Oral cancer: There is a saying that water pipes for smoking may be unhealthy, but they are healthier than smoking.

  No company can provide any scientific data showing that water pipes for smoking is a safe or healthy alternative to smoking. "Kuhn said." Preliminary research by the National Health Organization of the United States shows that water pipes for smoking does pose a major health risk and contains carcinogenic substances, which can cause DNA changes caused by cancer.

  A study published by the American Chemical Society last year did conclude that chemicals can damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer.


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