Will the electronic glass water pipes cool this time

  Does wooden water pipes cause dry eyes? Since wooden water pipes emerged as a "healthy" smoking method and a smoking device, the number of people using wooden water pipes has also gradually increased. On the other hand, the eye is the organ that comes into contact with wooden water pipes most steam during use. Clinical symptoms and signs such as dry eye and poor tear film quality can be observed in wooden water pipes smokers, indicating that wooden water pipes may have potential harm to eyes. Professor NURAmalinaMdIsa investigated the effects of long-term use of wooden water pipes on eye surface health. The results of this study are published in OptomVisSci. Let's look at it.

  Wooden water pipes cause dry eyes

  Wooden water pipes users and non-smokers observed the difference of eye surface health.

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  This study is a cross-sectional study. A total of 42 male participants, 21 of whom used wooden water pipes and 21 did not smoke, collected eye surface disease index, non-invasive tear film rupture time, tear film rupture time under fluorescein staining, tear height and Schirmer test, and analyzed the effect of battery voltage on the use of wooden water pipes mist.


  Wooden water pipes can cause dry eyes!

  Compared with non-smokers, e-smokers have moderate to severe dry eye and tear film dysfunction. the results show that fluorescein staining can shorten the non-invasive tear film rupture time, shorten tear film rupture time and reduce lacrimal passage height.

  Compared with non-smokers, Schirmer test results of electronic smokers have increased, which may be due to increased tear secretion to relieve dry eye symptoms.

  Due to the increased release of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein and other harmful substances, the increased voltage of wooden water pipes battery will aggravate dryness of eyes.


  Wooden water pipes are not as "harmless" as marketing campaigns, at least they have the same adverse effects on watches as ordinary cigarettes.


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