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  Italy after City Closure: The Government Worried about a Sudden Increase in buy glass pipes, Askin

  Italy has become the world's worst epidemic country except China. Since the first case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumonia occurred glass pipes in lombardia, the epidemic spread rapidly to other parts of the country. By the time of publication, Italy had nearly 28,000 confirmed cases and more than 2,100 deaths. Due to the large number of patients requiring intensive care, Italy's national health care infrastructure is facing great pressure.

  In order to contain the spread of the epidemic, the Italian government has taken some of the harshest measures in the world, such as banning all public gatherings, closing schools and requiring most commercial enterprises, including bars and restaurants, to close down. Initially, glass pipes sherlock shops were also included in the closure list, but now the ban has been lifted. For this reason, this country needs to thank one person in particular.

  "I was a little angry, and I made some statements the next day."

  Italian scientist Riccardo Polosa

  Dr. Riccardo Polosa is a world-renowned scientist and researcher, dedicated to studying how to reduce the harm of electronic cigarettes and tobacco products. Dr. Polosa is the founder of Italy's Catania Center of Excellence for Accelerated Harm Reduction (CoEHAR) and has published dozens of research papers on tobacco. Recently, Dr. Polosa received an exclusive interview with Filter video on the business ban during the Italian epidemic and its impact on cigarette and electronic cigarette users.

  The questioner was Helen Redmond and the respondent was Riccardo Polosa.

  Q: How many people use glass pipes spoon in Italy?

  A: Nearly 1 million people use electronic cigarettes and about 16 million use cigarettes.

  Q: The Italian government recently closed most shops, including buy glass pipes shops. How was this decision reversed?

  A: On March 11, Chinese Premier Conti announced a total suspension of all commercial activities including bars and restaurants, except pharmacies, supermarkets, newsstands and tobacco shops.

  I was a little angry, and the next day I made some statements. I think it is a very wrong decision to allow tobacco shops to operate and ban electronic cigarette shops. The reason is very simple: under the condition of high anxiety and nervousness, people will use a lot of glass pipes for smoking when they are trapped in their homes, which will expose many people around them to the risk of second-hand smoke, especially infants.


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