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  The content supporting glass pipes for smoking on social media is higher than anti-e-cigarettes

  On March 24, according to a report by Vapingpost, a new study published in the magazine Communication Frontiers showed that the number of glass pipes for sale advertised on Instagram exceeded the number of anti-advertisements, including FDA's campaign labels, with a ratio of 10,000 to 1.

  The study called "#Vape: measuring the impact of glass pipes for sale on Instagram through in-depth learning and text analysis" shows that FDA's "real cost" awareness campaign has had little success in preventing teenagers from smoking.

  The unusual campaign, called "disrespectful" by FDA officials, was launched in 2018 to spread the message that although glass pipes for smoking can release addictive nicotine, toxins in glass pipes for smoking may have unexpected effects on health.

  Former FDA Commissioner Scott? Dr. gottlieb said at the press conference: "We are taking action based on a very clear science that the epidemic is spreading." . "The data we have shows that just last year, the number of teenagers using glass pipes for sale rose sharply, which is disturbing."

  In order to carry out the current research, researchers from the Center for Comprehensive Research on Childhood Leukemia and Environment (CIRCLE) of the University of California, Berkeley analyzed 245,894 Instagram posts before and after the # Therealst activity was launched. In addition, the research team also interviewed five e-cigarette influencers and eight college students' social media users.

  Julia Vassey, author of the study, said: "US public health officials have been calling the place among teenagers an epidemic and have invested a lot of energy in trying to prevent the epidemic by introducing anti-e-cigarette campaigns. But this serious imbalance in the number of positions has led to the FDA's information being overwhelmed by the marketing of e-cigarette brands. "

  Vassey added that Instagram was selected as the most popular marketing platform and was therefore selected. Vassey explained: "The reason why we focus on Instagram is that many influential people interviewed by this research regard Instagram as its most important social media marketing platform."

  "based on the results, FDA's anti-e-cigarette campaign is not very popular. we see that Instagram users' comments oppose FDA's claim that nicotine harms health and calls it campaign propaganda."

  Meanwhile, in the uk, the advertising regulatory agency advertising standards agency (ASA) recently ordered glass pipes custom company BAT to stop advertising its glass pipes for sale from any public account on Instagram.

  The decision was made after the organization checked seven Instagram posts at the prompting of some health organizations (including smoking and health action (ASH), smoke-free children's movement and anti-glass pipes custom organizations and products).

  In the complaint, some people accused BAT of using models under the age of 25 to promote its products, which is prohibited in Britain. "ASA's ruling is a big step forward in preventing glass pipes custom companies from using social media to advertise to young people in Britain and around the world," said Mark Hurley, Director of International Communications for the Smokeless Children's Movement.


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