Company dynamics

  Most buy glass pipes cigarette brands are full of confidence in the industry in the epidemic situa

  At present, relieving the management pressure brought by the epidemic has become one of the most important tasks for all enterprises, and it has also brought new thoughts on how to optimize and consolidate themselves.

  In the glass pipes and bongs cigarette industry, intelligent vending machines have also become the key sales channel for glass pipes and bongs cigarette enterprises during the new crown epidemic period. Take "relx Yueke" as an example. During the epidemic period, it allocated 500 intelligent vending machines for stores, and successfully provided contactless services to consumers.

  In order to prevent minors from buying products, "RELX Yueke" intelligent vending machine can realize age verification through "name-identification number-face recognition" three levels.

  "Boulder Platte" Chooses to Start Recruitment Plan for the Second Quarter of 2020. "Although the whole industry has experienced strong supervision and the impact of this new outbreak, Platte will continue to deepen the two major markets of China and the United States, intensify research and development of technologies and products, and expand offline channels and more overseas markets in accordance with its own strategic plan." The head of public relations at Boulder Platte said.

  The head of "Firearms ammo" told reporters that after the epidemic, the company will optimize and refine its supervision process of "100-person quality supervision" and wait for the right time to "launch new products unique in the industry".

  "Deep Thinkr" started the 300-store counter plan ahead of schedule. "Accelerating growth through the path of least resistance while using product differentiation to enter KA channels (hypermarkets)." The person in charge of public relations told reporters. "Boulder Platinum" also launched "Thousand Cities and Ten Thousand Stores" to set up shop offline with a subsidy of 300 million yuan.

  From this, we can see that in the future, offline resources will continue to cause competition in the industry. Coincidentally, in the process of answering the reporter's interview, the e-cigarette companies all said: "full of confidence in the industry."

  "Deep Thinkr" public relations chief said glass pipes spoon: "With the improvement of the overall quality, technology, market awareness and other aspects of the industry and the gradual landing of relevant regulatory measures, it is expected that in the next three years, the glass pipes and bongs cigarette industry will realize a steady return and a rise against the trend. We also have full confidence in the deep realization of overtaking in corners and the launching of deep brands."

  "We believe 2020 will be a year when the glass pipes and bongs cigarette industry returns to rationality. The mechanism of survival of the fittest in the market will show its effect. More outstanding talents will be concentrated in enterprises with real potential. We are confident in recruitment." The head of public relations of "Boulder Platte" told the reporter of "Huaxia Times".

  "After the epidemic is over, the most important development is in the economic field, and then new consumption opportunities will emerge," said the head of the firearms ammo promotion.

  It can be predicted glass pipes that after the "big test" of the epidemic situation, the glass pipes and bongs cigarette industry will complete the survival of the fittest, and will become increasingly stable and usher in spring.


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