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  Small and medium-sized glass pipes for smoking cigarette brands queue up and other factories, the

  When most buy glass pipes cigarette factories are shut down, brands and agents of buy glass pipes cigarettes in the downstream will inevitably be affected. On the one hand, brand manufacturers are constrained by the factory's production capacity and their inventories are in short supply. On the other hand, offline channels are closed, and many brand agents are unable to open their businesses and sell their goods.

  A recent in-depth visit to the e-cigarette industry chain by Time Finance found that the problems for the factories are uncertain resumption of work time, extended collection period and insufficient front-line staff. Some small and medium-sized factories said they could last up to 3-6 months. Downstream small and medium-sized brands are in short supply and plans to list new products are shelved. For agents who carry out end-of-line sales, the purchase price will rise, while the sales volume will be halved and the rental of offline stores will be paid.

  Xu shunjian is one of the shareholders of Shenzhen fozhi technology co., ltd, whose buy glass pipes cigarette brand fozhi is regarded as a mid-stream brand in China. He told Time Finance that his current stock of 4 million pieces could last until early or mid-March.

  "The production cycle of the factory is 14 days. If we cannot start work in early March, it will have a greater impact on us." Xu Shunjian said.

  However, he continued, even if the construction starts as soon as possible, the factory will give priority to the production of large brand orders, "it is possible that large factories or large platforms will have greater advantages, and small ones will not be able to support them, and they will not be able to arrange so many."

  On February 17, the well-known e-cigarette exhibition IECIE also announced that the planned e-cigarette exhibition to be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 24 to 26 would be postponed due to the influence of the new crown pneumonia. "This will affect our investment promotion, at least in the first half of the year it will be very difficult to do so." Xu Shunjian said. The fog job, which was originally planned to launch the new product in early April, was delayed due to the shutdown of the factory and the failure of the product mold.

  Shudu is a newly established brand of buy glass pipes cigarettes in August 2019, and just produced a batch of new products at the end of last year.

  "It was originally planned to sell our offline stores to the whole country after the end of the year. At the beginning of the preparations, the epidemic situation prevented us from opening our work. Now we can only sell them on WeChat." A staff member from Mitu told Time Finance.

  Brand agents are facing the dilemma of insufficient stock and rising prices of goods.

  "(supply) is starting to resume gradually now, but due to the delay in resuming work at the factory, it is estimated that full recovery (supply) will be in March." Yueke co-founder and channel manager Long Jiang told Time Finance on the 18th.

  "I regret very much that there was too little stock years ago, which led to the shortage and high price." Liang Guanlong runs two exclusive stores of buy glass pipes cigarettes, which are agents of Yueke and Xuejia. "We can only find other agents to pick up the goods when there is no stock. Now the wholesale price has increased by 2-7 yuan, which is a high price."

  Liang Guanlong disclosed to Time Finance that because of the epidemic situation, his shop could not open and could only receive orders on WeChat. Compared with before the New Year, the sales volume was directly halved.

  At present, for Liang Guanlong, on the one hand, the downstream demand is still there, but the delivery is difficult. On the other hand, the glass pipes for sale upstream supply is insufficient, and the supply recovery time is uncertain. "Therefore, we dare not take more goods during this period, for fear that the price will suddenly come back."


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