Company dynamics

The hand blown glass pipes cigarette supply chain is broken, causing another wave of layoffs.

  Under the new crown virus pneumonia epidemic situation, from front-end component production, distribution logistics, to offline physical store operations, to exhibitions facing the domestic and foreign glass pipes for sale cigarette terminal markets, all suffered a shock.

  On February 17, the well-known domestic glass pipes for sale cigarette exhibition IECIE official-bo Wen creative exhibition (Shenzhen) co., ltd. announced that the glass pipes for sale cigarette exhibition originally planned to be held in Shenzhen exhibition center from April 24 to 26 would be postponed due to the influence of new crown pneumonia.

  For each glass pipes for sale cigarette brand company, the impact of the epidemic is mainly concentrated on production and logistics. "Some time ago, there was a short-term shortage of products, coupled with traffic control and logistics suspension in some areas, which caused our products not to be delivered to users in time," the head of the "Firearms ammo" promotion told the Huaxia Times reporter. A dealer of "Magic Flute MOTI" also told reporters: "Now the factory has not started and the taste of cigarettes and bombs is not complete."

  Online channels were banned last year and production at the supply side was temporarily blocked. Some companies were tempted to ban the sale of glass pipes for sale cigarettes to minors and online sales. Some brands gradually "disappeared".

  Can still be purchased online

  For the glass pipes for sale cigarette supply chain, discontinuity is a big risk. Richard Huang, chief executive officer of Cloudious9, a manufacturer of marijuana e-cigarette evaporators in California, told the media on February 9 that novel coronavirus has had a significant impact on China's entire manufacturing supply chain because the core of the marijuana e-cigarette industry is the hardware business. Almost all evaporators, smoke bombs and batteries are made in China.

  The factory has not resumed work, and the products have been out of stock and out of stock, which has been exploited by some businesses. Some media found that dealers cited the shortage caused by the epidemic as an excuse to say that the wholesale price had risen and the retail price had been raised. In response, "Magic Flute MOTI" dealers replied to reporters that raising the retail price was purely a personal act. "For long-term business, prices will not rise, and production will soon resume." He said.

  The supply chain is gradually recovering, but the impact of the epidemic has not stopped. At this stage, the number of people in shopping glass bong  malls has dropped sharply, and the Spring Festival promotional activities of various brands have been severely hit. Reporters found that businesses are grasping WeChat sales as a lifeline.


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