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At present, the epidemic situation, glass pipes for sale cigarette industry major enterprises resume

  At present, anti-epidemic prevention and control is still continuing, but e-cigarette companies have already submitted to resume work for review and are looking forward to resuming work on the agenda. No matter whether all employees are on duty or not, at least the work plan should be put on track and not unduly affect any link of research and development, production and sales. How about the resumption of work in glass pipes for smoking cigarette companies after more than 10 days of holidays?

  Among them, individual enterprises have officially started to issue the resumption of work statement.

  Xuejia released a statement on February 12 that some of them have returned to their posts and are waiting for customers to come. At the same time, they have also offered five major policies and ten million subsidies to thank customers for their support.

  Profound announced on February 13 that all staff had resumed their online work. Prior to that, on February 3, profundity staff had resumed their home work status and had 12-hour customer service online consultation to answer questions and solve doubts for all customers and resolutely fight hard for epidemic prevention and control.

  Xiyouji announced that the company had been approved to resume work officially on February 10, but considering the special period of the epidemic, it adopted a combination of flexible working system and on-line office, and all staff arrived on February 17.

  It should be noted that although the off-line resumption of work by hand blown glass pipes companies has been delayed at present, various companies have officially started their on-line work one after another after the 3rd to support various on-line office services and problem consultation.


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