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China's buy glass pipes Cigarette Brand Ranking in November: Yueke No.1, Industry Negative Soars

  On November 1, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the State Administration of glass pipes cheap Monopoly jointly issued the Circular on Prohibiting the Sale of glass pipes and bongs Cigarettes to Minors, requiring all kinds of market entities not to sell buy glass pipes cigarettes to minors. Enterprises or individuals that produce and sell buy glass pipes cigarettes are urged to shut down buy glass pipes cigarette internet sales websites or clients in a timely manner, e-commerce platforms are urged to shut down buy glass pipes cigarette shops and remove buy glass pipes cigarette products from shelves in a timely manner, and enterprises or individuals that produce and  buy glass pipes cigarettes withdraw buy glass pipes cigarette advertisements published through the internet.

  After the announcement by the two ministries, all e-cigarettes were offline from the e-commerce platform, and the published e-cigarette online advertisements were withdrawn and deleted. At the same time, due to a large number of media reports, buy glass pipes cigarette related information has also soared, but mostly negative content.

  The data we monitored showed that the negative proportion of searching and calculating the information of the whole buy glass pipes cigarette industry in the whole network in November further expanded to 52.77%. Among them, the negative proportion of news content is 63.66%, and the negative proportion of social media content is 46.72%.

  Data Description: The data observation window of the chart on this page is from November 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019. The data sources come from all-network information covering mainstream media, news portals, vertical media, local websites, today's headlines, a little information, microblogs, Zhihu, WeChat and other platforms' own media numbers. The total number of items related to "buy glass pipes cigarette" on the whole network is 23,360.

  Online Brand List of glass pipes and bongs Cigarettes in November

  Although buy glass pipes cigarettes cannot be sold online, there is still information discussion based on news reports and social networks, so relevant data are still of reference significance. We just objectively collect network information and classify it according to the rules. There is no online brand operation that can emphasize buy glass pipes cigarettes.


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