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 The death toll in the United States has risen to 21,7 states that have banned the sale of flavored


  Beijing time said on the 9th that Montana issued a 120-day ban on the sale of flavored glass pipes cheap on Tuesday, saying the increasingly popular glass pipes cheap has caused harm to teenagers, becoming the seventh state in the United States to ban the sale of flavored glass pipes cheap.

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  Montana Governor Braddock said that there were 1080 confirmed cases of glass pipes cheap-related lung diseases in the United States, two of which occurred in Montana, and 21 deaths from the use of glass pipes cheap in 48 states and one region in the United States. More than half of the patients are under 25 years old.

  With the increasingly strict supervision of glass pipes cheap and the spread of related lung diseases, some retailers in the United States have announced the cancellation of glass pipes cheap. Walgren(52.09%, 0.67%, 1.27%) the largest drugstore operator in the United States also announced on Monday that it would stop selling glass pipes cheap after Wal-Mart (117.58%, 0.35%, 0.30%) the largest retailer in the United States announced that it would stop selling such products.


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